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File Name: kmod

File Submitter: daredevil

File Submitted: 15 Apr 2011

File Category: LUA


Kmod version 1.5



Extract all files into the etpro folder on your server.

Dont forget to add the kmod.pk3 to your fast download site!


Open the server.cfg from your server and copy and paste

the following lines at the bottom then restart your sever:


set lua_modules "kmod.lua"

exec kmod.cfg



KMOD is a small shrublike variant to etpro similar to ETAdmin_mod.




  • Killingsprees plus all the other killingspree type stuff (Sounds Included) Messages and location can be changed in config.
  • Doublekills, Multikills, Megakills, Ultrakills, Monsterkills, Ludicrouskills, and Holyshits (Sounds Included) Messages and location can be changed in config.
  • Flakmonkey's - When you get 3 kills with either panzer or a riflenade. Message and location can be changed in config. Flakmonkey is reset if you get any other type of kill/teamkill/or if you die (Sound included)
  • Firstblood (Sound Included) Message and location can be changed in config.
  • Lastblood
  • Spreerecord (not including records for individual maps)
  • Enhanced Private Messaging - The sender can use partial name of recipiant or can now use the recipiants slot number. When using ETPro 3.2.6 or higher, a new sound will be played letting you know that you have a private message. Players can now private message all 2+ level admins currently on the server using /ma or /pma then your message.
  • Vote disable was taken directly from ETAdmin mod and is slightly enhanced such that it will detect changes to the timelimit. (see config for details)
  • Antiunmute - When a player is muted he may not be unmuted via vote
  • Advanced Adrenaline - Players using adrenaline now have a timer in their cp area displaying the amount of adrenaline time they have left. A sound will also be played in their general location letting everyone else know that they are using adrenaline (disableable) (sound included)
  • Killer's HP - Killer's HP is displayed to their victims. When you kill somone and are killed in return within a certain amount of time no message will be displayed. When a killer is using adrenaline the victim will see a message displaying so.
  • Advanced players - Time nudge and max packets are removed from players list and admins may see which admins (level 2+) are on the server using /admins
  • Chat log - All chats are logged along with player renames/connects/disconnects/and map restarts
  • Crazygravity - The exact same crazy gravity you've come to know and love Team kill restriction - Taken from Etadmin mod and uses punkbuster to kick (see config)
  • /kill limit - After the max amount of slash kills is reached they are no longer able to /kill.
  • Endround shuffle - At the end of each round teams are shuffled automatically I recomend using this on servers with alot of people.
  • Noise reduction - ETPRO 3.2.6 OR HIGHER IS REQUIRED!!! Plays all killingsprees multikills/deathsprees/and firstblood to the killer or victim depending on which one
  • Color codes can be changed for lastblood and killer HP display in config
  • Spawn kill protection - A newly spawned player will keep his spawn shield until he either moves or fires his weapon. (see config)
  • Paths to sounds can be changed to fit server admins needs.
  • Shrub style command system + make your own commands (semicolon delimited format. Rcon commands only)


Click here to download this file

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