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silEnT Mod - ET Mod


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File Name: silEnT Mod

File Submitter: daredevil

File Submitted: 09 Dec 2010

File Category: Mods


Mod Name: silEnT Mod

Download File Name: silent-0.2.0.zip


Added: New sound for thrown knife.

Added: g_dbUserMaxAge server cvar. If this cvar is set, users that are older then then this value are automatically removed from the user database. Default value is 0 which also disables the automated functionality.

Added: !givexp command. With this command admin can add to an online or an offline player a specific amount of XP to a specific skill.

Added: !userdelete command. With this command any users except bots can be removed from the database.

Added: !userban command. A handy online command for banning offline players.

Added: !userlist command. With this command admin can view all the players that are stored in the database.

Added: !useredit command. This command can be used to edit any player that has visited the server.

Added: User database. This holds information of all the users that have visited the server (during the lifetime of the database).

Added: Quick chat box can be used to give commands.

Added: New shrubbot flag '?' that will allow speccing admins to see private messages when they are in spec.

Changed: g_knifeDamage is now g_knifeThrowDamage. Also, the actual damage is no longer randmon.

Changed: !listplayers is now plain !list.

Changed: ETPub !userinfo renamed to !finger. In future a new !userinfo command will give different information.

Reworked: !stats command now shows total and session specific kills and deaths made by Thompson, MP40 and PPSh weapons.

Reworked: Private message sound is now built in and not configurable. sound file can be overridden though.

Reworked: If poison sound is enabled, the poison sound is played only to the player who has been poisoned.

Reworked: !time command shows the clients local time.

Reworked: To throw knife +attack2 must be used as the command (this is automatically rebound at first use of altfire, so no additional work is needed on the user side)

Reworked: Knives throwing. Now knives are held while they charge power.

Reworked: Knifes rotate when thrown.

Reworked: Knife icon enlarges when +attack2 button is pressed and held (e.g. nade icon pulsates)

Removed: Without the need to support several client versions, the server will now send all obituaries as events.

This change removes all excess flags from g_obituary. From now on, the server will send obituary events to clients with any nonzero value in g_obituary cvar and will not send events if it is set to 0.

Removed: Party panzers removed.

Removed: g_XPSaveFile. This is now controlled with new cvar g_dbDirectory.

Removed: g_shrubbot. This is now controlled with new cvar g_dbDirectory.

Fixed: Memory leaking in the ETPub settings.cfg handling.

Fixed: During the intermission, the full width of the chatbox is now used.

Fixed: During the gameplay, the chat no longer overlaps with the gun icon.

Fixed: Player can't throw his/hers last knife.

Added: vote blocking

Enhancement: lot of rewriting to the data sent from server to the client.

Reworked:!freeze command now needs parameter to avoid freezing all player.

Added: Knife Model

Fixed: Team change spam to stop server crash


Click here to download this file

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