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I have no cred


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Hey guys


It seems every time I'm playing I run up against an admin who doesn't know me. On numerous occasions I get asked to remove my tags for not being a member, but I am a member. I've been playing on Jaymod for some time (years) and was asked to join. At that time, the admin (who I can't remember) insisted I use the FA tag so I did. Same happens whenever I switch FA servers. I just assume it's because people don't me, but it's a consistent issue.


Now it seems I'm always being told to remove tags because I don't have an admin level. I don't know anything about that or what I'm supposed to do to get one. I don't hang out on the forum a lot so if I'm overstepping some vital info, please point me in the right direction.


Thanks for the help.

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You are not a member, you were given a trial status but that was denied due to you not being active on forums and servers. Even doing your trial period you showed no interest in being an admin.

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He has no level in the forum and nor in server, features such as User Profile, it is not active in forum. After verifying that I asked him to remove the tag, I'm just fulfilling my role.

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I'm not pointing fingers, I just wanted to clear that up. Thanks for clearing it up Joe.


So I should just remove the tags then?

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