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  1. Thanks guys. I have to tell you how hilarious this is... When I was away, I would walk around corners or see buildings that reminded me of maps in ET. When I saw other people playing FPS games I would remember how much I enjoyed ET. When I visited a war museum here in Poland and saw German weaponry, I missed ET. lol. I just couldn't escape it. I was meant to come back. As soon as my new computer comes in I'll be back!
  2. I used to play here quite a while ago. However, internet connection in Mongolia wasn't ideal, neither was it in Tanzania. But now I'm back in the world of faster internet (Poland) and hope to get back onto the FA server for some good times. So hello again!
  3. Edit: nevermind, found what I was looking for.
  4. Saw it (came out here in Korea before NA.) Enjoyed it more than I expected. Minimal cheesy lines, lots of action, SJ's ass in a pleasing amount of shots, and great acting by a great cast. You guys will enjoy it!
  5. lol @ comic sans comments. I thought the same thing as soon as I opened the thread. Jacob's Ladder, The Thing (John Carpenter's version,) and 28 Days Later are among some of the best horror films I've seen. If you haven't seen any of them, give them a try.
  6. I'm not pointing fingers, I just wanted to clear that up. Thanks for clearing it up Joe. So I should just remove the tags then?
  7. Hey guys It seems every time I'm playing I run up against an admin who doesn't know me. On numerous occasions I get asked to remove my tags for not being a member, but I am a member. I've been playing on Jaymod for some time (years) and was asked to join. At that time, the admin (who I can't remember) insisted I use the FA tag so I did. Same happens whenever I switch FA servers. I just assume it's because people don't me, but it's a consistent issue. Now it seems I'm always being told to remove tags because I don't have an admin level. I don't know anything about that or what I'm suppo
  8. all it made me do was want to pank blue cat chicks
  9. high park area thanks for the welcomes
  10. reinforce the offense!
  11. McGrath


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  12. yep that's where I like to spend my procrastination time. Hopefully the move to S. Korea will let me stay on since they're supposed to have some sick speeds over there!
  13. Hey everyone, I've spent enough time on the FA servers in the past while that I thought I should sign on and introduce myself... my name is Chris aka Bloodbath "ATTACK ALLIES ATTACK" McGrath. I'm currently in Toronto, Canada, and soon to relocate to South Korea for work. I'm a writer and teacher, and I like long walks on the beach, music, and hard liquor.
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