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If you got hooked up then you have to see rest of


Liked it very much. Not as much action as hoped for by the trailer and nor did it have again original and thrilling story. Still it was fun to watch how a girl made 1:0 to big law enforcement organisation and being shooked up by the soundtack(Chemical Brothers) in cinema. If you don´t want to shake your neighbours ceiling in home then its worth the money to enjoy the bass shaking the cinemas floor.

Was really suprised by the movie and more by the soundtrack.

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I liked it! It had just the right amount of suspense/action that I needed. Thanks for reminding me about this...I saw it a long time ago when it came out in theaters but I want to see it again soon.

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I agree. There was nothing original about the movie but I enjoyed it none the less. The soundtrack was really good too. Chemical Brothers did a good job with the action sequence music. The movie is worth the look.

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