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Few qestions



1. How I can turn off that lame kill camera?

2. Is there servers with out that snipe sissys? I mean all class accept snips.

3. Is there servers with out perks?

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1. That's on the server side of it, users can't turn it off, most of the time you can just skip it by hitting F

2. Probably, but I don't know any

3. I believe Old school mode is perk free, you can find those servers by changing your server filters to show only old school mode servers. There's also Promod, which is a mod that does not have perks so servers running promod don't have any either

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1. Shame :/ I skip but it's boring :P

2. Oh that's good news! I search.

3. Cool :D


Thx 4 answears, I'm new in CoD 4 :)


1 more: how da fk they throw random nades and kill some 1? o.O

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