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  1. Few qestions

    Don't wanna make another topic but have more questions :> 1. Is he hax? http://www.xfire.com/video/4a5fca/ 2. Is there mode 4 TJ in CoD4? 3. How da fk they throw random nades and kill some 1? o.O
  2. Few qestions

    1. Shame :/ I skip but it's boring 2. Oh that's good news! I search. 3. Cool Thx 4 answears, I'm new in CoD 4 1 more: how da fk they throw random nades and kill some 1? o.O
  3. Few qestions

    1. How I can turn off that lame kill camera? 2. Is there servers with out that snipe sissys? I mean all class accept snips. 3. Is there servers with out perks?
  4. What song are you listening to right now?

    Angerfist & Outblast - Odious
  5. Is brink dead?

    Well, like Sfinxter say - obj and teamplay. It's similar and not so many games have it. Of course maps are difrent: lot of narrow passage, not so many open spaces and every time 3 diffrent ways 2 obj. Same with shooting. But idea is the same. And customize U avatar is just 4 fun and have no influence 4 gameplay (accept body type).
  6. Is brink dead?

    Cuz they similar?
  7. Soul abuses power on F|A nq 2.55

    Same as he abouse when some 1 have panzer and he wanna 2 play that - he kicked that person. Good 2 know hes out.
  8. MG on tank on NQ

    Ye, that;s why it should be fixed
  9. MG on tank on NQ

    I just see a bug on NQ 2.55 - when U shoot mg on tank and it's 2 hot U just left, wait few sec as mg cool down. But on NQ 2.55 U have 2 be on tank 2 cool down mg. If U shoot then go off the tank and back few sec later it's not cooled down.
  10. fragmovie

    Imo delete when U die. Plus that fast forward is no need it. And music is horrible. But nice that hd is available and that video filter.
  11. House track made by me

    I just start I know it's not best, but I made some tunes, and I think it's not so lame. http://wyslijto.pl/plik/z8wqu3xgsn Feel free 2 tell me what U think
  12. Crysis 2 Multi full

    Impossible 2 proof some one wh, so I think its problem. And there is cheater protection. Crytek make it own, but it's very bad. There will be not pn rls 4 this game.
  13. Crysis 2 Multi full

    There is no pb 4 Crysis 2. Admining is very low on servers. 80% of servers are from hosting, to encourage buying server. Just a few are from clans. Very low level of most players. Lot of hax, servers lags as hell and so many bugs in game, that I think sometime that I play beta. So me thinking that is not good idea that F|A support Crysis 2.
  14. violation #80503?

    My point is what 4 add that .dll 4 Winamp 2 ET? But I see that U don't think (and others) as hax so I think my answear is here