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How to setup your own minecraft server! (Windows)


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This tutorial will help you set up your very own minecraft server that will be hosted off your own pc and also teach you how to add custom adventure maps to play with your friends biggrin.gif


First thing is first make sure you have an account and bought the game at http://www.minecraft.net/


After that is complete download the "Minecraft_Server.exe" loacated here http://www.minecraft.net/download.jsp


this tutorial will cover the Windows install of the minecraft server, but it should be pretty similar if you plan on doing it with Linux or Mac.




I would create a folder on your desktop (name it w/e you want) to store the server info and maps. Next Place the "Minecraft_Server.exe" inside of the folder you just created and run it.


After you run the "Minecraft_Server.exe" it will automatically create a random world folder and should look like this.





Your server is now setup. At this point I would make sure you are able to join before we get to the adding custom maps section.


Go to http://www.whatismyip.com/ to get your IP address. you will enter this IP Address in the multiplayer part of minecraft in order to join your server.


If you successfully join the server congrats! You will need to op yourself (and others that you want to play with) in order to give the ability for people to build things. Just give your friends your ip so they can connect to your server.





If you are unable to connect to your server follow the next steps. If you were successful continue past the next section.



Error connecting to server:

If you got an error while attempting to connect to your server you may have to make a few adjustments to your router.


First you will need to login to your router. There are different methods for different brands


For a netgear router visit here it should ask for a username and password generally its "admin" and "password".


You will need to DMZ your router




Click on the start button on your desktop and type "cmd" to open up the command prompt and type ipconfig. Make sure the IPv4 Address matches that of your DMZ. Your IPv4 may change from time to time so if you ever have problems connecting make sure they match each other.


Now retry connecting to your server!



Adding custom maps!

If you would like to add custom maps for adventures with our friends follow these next few steps.


1. You will need to find maps a good place to start looking would be http://www.minecraftforum.net/forum


2. Once you find a good map download it. It will usually come in the format of a Winrar file but may also be in the format of a RAR file which looks like a java icon.


For a Winrar file:


open the winrar file


Inside the winrar file there may be multiple folders inside for notes for your adventure and the actual map folder.


You only need to copy the actual map folder to your folder that the server is located. If you add the entire winrar file to the folder the server is located it will not load properly.


After you copy the world folder inside of the folder you created earlier in the tutorial you need to have your server use that instead of the default world it loads.


Open the server property file with notepad it should look something like this





Change the name of the map by changing the line level-name= and add the name of the map folder save the file and start/restart your server for it to take effect.



For a RAR file:


A RAR file looks like this and you will need to open it with WINrar to view the the files inside.






follow the steps from the previous part about winrar.




That is all there is! If you have any problems or anything I should add/correct feel free to let me know smile.gif

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Nice tut bro :)

Perhaps you want also to add it in a topic in the minecraft forum at RPGGaming there? :D


oh yeah i forgot about that place thanks.

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