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format win7

krAzy :)

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i want to format my notebook and bring it again cleaned up as at the beginning when i bought it

i googled how to format win7 (64-bit) but i didnt really manage to do it


i have no cd and i dont want to use system recovery (since i want to delete every single trash i have on my pc)....i got 2 drivers: C: (windows) and D:

mainly i hope to delete C:, but if there is no other way i can also delete D


my notebook: toshiba L650-13M


if u need other info plz tell me


thx in advance

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You *must* use a cd. Either a Toshiba CD, or one of Microsoft.


If you must have the latter one, then there is probably an hidden partition on your system. Go to Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative tools -> Create and format hard disk partitions. Is there any partition without drive letter of something between 5 and 20GB? Then that is your 'backup' installation. Go look for the Toshiba CD/DVD I guess. Maybe the Toshiba manual said that you should burn one yourself?


If you really have no Toshiba DVD or Microsoft DVD (which I seriously doubt, maybe lost?), you look at the bottom side of your laptop. Is there a sticker on the bottom? If yes, then that is your license (DVD/Software is not the license, that sticker is! So you *must* have one). "Get" the DVD from the corresponding Windows (I guess Home Premium) and use that to install it, borrowing is legal --- as long as you use your own license key --- and it can be installed. The installation is pretty straight forward, only when you see a view of partitions do the following.

Select C:

Delete C: (yes, delete)

Go to the empty space of C:

Click format/allocate/create/something like that

(Perhaps click "install here/on this partition/something like that, otherwise leave it on there)

Next (and then it's obvious again).


I don't recall everything exactly, but this is as you should do it.


Don't forget to install all the drivers. Installation of windows will cost you about 5 minutes of configuration, 30 minutes of waiting. Drivers will cost you 2 hours if you haven't done it 30 times before :P




Good luck and let us know how it went or if you have any other issues :)

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thx, i'll try it tomorrow or on sunday, dont have time atm


i dont have the windows CD, they didnt gave it to me...it was already installed on pc

and i need to look if i have a toshiba CD somewhere


thx again

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Most laptops/notebooks you DONT need an install CD as they have an install partition (usually hidden) which has all the install files needed for windows and your specific laptop/notebook etc to be put back to default factory settings. You usually access the recovery mode on laptops during its boot up and its normally one of the 'F' keys that needs pressing at a specific time (think Toshiba is usually F12). It will tell you during bootup to press certain F keys to perform some tasks, F2 at POST (first screen you usually see) screen for instance will take you to BIOS setup, F8 @ POST may give you boot priority options etc etc.


Turn your laptop/notebook on and watch for the info on the screen (it will be before windows is loaded), it should tell you which F key is needed to start recovery, from there its self explanitory.


Hope this helps.

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You should be able to MAKE a Windows BackUP/Boot/Recovery disk from your laptop ... most desktop/laptop systems keep telling you to do it in fact, you must have ingnored it and shut off the reminder warning.


Worst case, you can go to Toshiba's web site / customer service section for your laptop model, and BUY the CD and have it shipped to you.


Also depending on just HOW clean you really want it ??? since it sounds like you don't want to reformat off a "Recovery" disc and you don't want all of Toshiba's Bloat-ware (useless crap software that vendors PAY Toshiba to add onto your laptop) reinstalled, you might want to consider buying a CLEAN copy of Windows 7 ... you can buy an OEM version rather cheaply, and then you'll ONLY have WIN 7 installed on your system, and you can then re-install only the other programs you want after that, be sure to save/back-up any files programs, etc. you delete off C: drive and the D: partition (which is usually a factory copy of your Boot/Recovery).


I'm somewhat in the middle of doing something similar to this after installing a new motherboard, HDD and SSD to a system of mine ... and this is the way I'm doing a "CLEAN" install w/o the stupid bloat-ware crap like Quicken Trial / stupid cheap game #1 / stupid cheap game #2 / Turbo Tax Trial / AOL Free Trial / etc. Blah blah blah bloat / slow my computer down some more why don't you. :D


Good luck, and post again if you need more help.

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