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calling yoooo from scotland


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had an invite whilst banging the hell out of some bots and a few roamers, on a f/a server and liked the site...so here i am!


been playing since way back, from pretty much day 1 on rtcw....absolutely love this game. by the way, if anyone sees another "techpunk" as a gamer, it's not him!...been techpunk forever (i'm pretty sure the first registered "techpunk" anything.......prove me wrong!). pretty cheesed that i had to register as tekpunk1 on my xbox 360!


definately a bit of an arty spammer...know most of the crooks and crannies. there are of course those that get a bit lame about it. my answer?...if you don't like it, speak to the developers! used to fanatically play engineer, and still do on occassion, but i love blowing the hell out of the opposition. will normally play on defensive side, but can pick out the hot spots as offensive arty quite easily.


never been part of a clan, but this looks interesting, so thanks mods for the invite.


hope to get my xp's up a few grand in the next couple of weeks, so look forward blowing the living hell out of you all!






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