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need a help


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well i was not play COD a long time and now i decided to back...

i always played at =F|A=TDM server and it was 1.6 patch

now its changed to 1.7 and i dl patch and i can connect at server

now my problem:

every thing that i need to dl from server(map/mod/sounds/etc) rate as 13kb/sec(please no comments about connection i can dl maps from ET as 250kb/sec) and i just need to reconnect every time to dl the next thing...after dling some maps, its started to crash game and give me an error that i cant see what is this...i do restarted my computer and its still crashing.

i have a true key(no piracy key).no way for some trouble with my key

can someone help me?

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The download thing is common, for me atleast. As for the crashing,it would be nice if if gave you an error so we had something to go by but have you tried going into the COD folder and deleting the maps and re downloading them? With the download problems your having the files could have been corrupted.

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