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  1. Are you still around? 😕

    1. Dougl@s


      sup dude!

      Yes, I am... :)

    2. Cumquat


      Are you playing  et tho?

      Come to hc noob

  2. Hey dude. Are u old School player? I think that we did played on my old Clan server(EoW) Welcome on forums! Edit: nvm I Saw your app now and you are F|A former and Evil former.
  3. Olá ladykiller!Um de nossos membros disse que você está interessado em fazer uma aplicação para tentar entrar no Clan e que você não entende/escreve inglês.Então, estou aqui, pra caso você queira alguma ajuda, ok?só dizer :)

    1. RedBaird


      Dougl@s, can you ask her to make one post on the forums? Perhaps in the "Portuguese language help topic". :D That might make her feel more at home.

  4. So you need to install extension pack also to use peripherals.I used Win 7 as virtual machine and got 125 fps. Mouse lag is an oldest bug on Osx you can search it on google, they never fixed it as well https://www.google.com.br/?gws_rd=ssl#q=+mac+os+x+mouse+lag...I used mouse fix but still not good as windows. Maybe now they have a solution but i gave up playing on my mac lol So I assume that Mac is not good to play games. CS run ok but not good as windows. Edit:Did u tried to install ET for mac anytime?no virtualizations I mean.
  5. I tested it with virtualbox and fps was same as ET for mac.
  6. you should ask someone to give their etprofolder for a test. I think its gonna solve your problem.
  7. did u tried copy your etpro folder from your pc and put on ET folder?
  8. Welcome back dude! So He is set as inactive member. What process now? He need to apply again or just get back his member lvl? I was his recruit and try to help him now.
  9. I dont think you need to change it since crisis is not used all the times and avoid problem with ISIS. about tch, it was needing because alot of words have it on the end. I have reported it when you joined on HC @DD
  10. Lazyhippo added you as friend...WTF i am just want TK you! :P

  11. Command declined!

    1. Dougl@s


      v52 and v53!

  12. You have a new fan XD lol

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