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need help name changing


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Is there some way to get GUID of incoming players?


we had a name changer (and thank you for the AUTO kick after 5 names)


but is there any way to FIND these people?


I check console... but it is only up for current map....


so if someone joined at end of map... and changed at start of next map gonna be hard to track him down...



I heard ET has some sort of console tracker...



Is there anything for COD?


or any tips on the ones that change name? I tried kicking them in the pills... but when there are 2 players with same name.... I dont want to take the 50-50 chance of kicking wrong one.

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best part about consoles and log files is that you can go back and read everything that happend in order. map change is hard becuase usually spam occurs. but you just do /pb_plist


if they keep changing names, just look at the name they last changed to before the /pb_plist... then you know his guid.. and you can pbban his ass lol

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