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PC kaput machen


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Well just wanted to let you know that my SamYong(translation: Samsung) HD failed on me. So I cant reach for ET for about a week: thanks to national holidays + weekend, that makes 4 days in row no shopping for new HD. Lucky me, huh? ;) Oh and thats no consolation that local PC parts vendor wrote that Samsung has lowest percentage in HD failures, I guess Im that 0.0001% roflmao.


But praise the computergeeks god that Im able to surf the forum because of Ubuntu and its live-USB linux OS. Basically disabled HD and also floppy drive to get ubuntu booting from USB. Still without any HD I can even DL codecs to watch movies from external backup HD and surf(which can be done also with live CD) around.


Oh btw when your PC starts to hang when loading\saving games then its good sign of HD going where its the resting place for PC parts. Only figured it out after HD died, else I would have backed up some more stuff.



Ok you guys have fun in ET

Hope to frag you soon


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