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Screen resolution problem.


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Hi there everyone. I've been experiencing screen resolution problems since i changed my OS from vista to Win7.


When i start ET, my full screen doesn't show widescreen (looks vertical and doesn't fit entirely horizontal). And when I config to closest resolution (computer's actual is 1280 x 800), ET crashes and console reports:


"GLW_StartOpenGL() - could not load OpenGL subsystem"


seriously dudes wtf? Need some help to config! cause i can't play with this mini screen.

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Hi there,


it can be different problems, like vid-card driver's update.






About setting's resolition:


r_customheight 1024 //to set height of a custom resolution

r_customwidth 1600 //to set width of a custom resolution

r_mode -1


//r_mode 4 set screen resolution, see modelist


//0 = 320x240

//1 = 400x300

//2 = 512x384

//3 = 640x480

//4 = 800x600

//5 = 960x720

//6 = 1024x768

//7 = 1152x864

//8 = 1280x1024

//9 = 1600x1200

//10 = 2048x1536

//11 = 856x480 (wide)

//-1 = custom





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Hi there! I've tried updating video card but nothing changes, now I'm trying again setting custom resolution.

Thank you very much mate!

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