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  1. I was partying hard, passed out and when I woke up it's 2015 WTF?

    1. =Death Hunter=

      =Death Hunter=

      Whoops!!!! hahaha

  2. come back nu!!!!

    1. =NU=


      I'm having vacation and will be paying ET, are you still active at servers?

  3. Hello The Manglerrrrr

  4. Anyone has tried ET on OS Mavericks? I found something checking out ET Legacy on those forums: http://forums.warchest.com/showthread.php/38223-Game-wont-load-at-all-under-OSX-10-9-Mavericks Post #13 seems like a legit solution, I'll try this. What do you think, Gubbi?
  5. 'Sup Hunter? Long time no see, I've been playing at jay 2, I hope we can meet soon. Cheers!

    1. =Death Hunter=

      =Death Hunter=

      I'm about to be back on again. Been working like crazy.

  6. Happy and fearless birthday to all of us! Keep the good job!
  7. I was at servers some hours ago and there was no bacon! WTF?

    1. =NU=


      Cheers mr Hoppah!

  8. And when I fanally got back, I couldn't wear my tags proudly. See you next year or so, Assassins

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. monkeysmack


      kids today just dont respect their FA elders

    3. =NU=


      Yeah, past times were better, and we used to kiss each other as machos and monkeys.

      What is that weird thing about looking for girls, Kevo?


    4. =NU=


      Miss you, madafackas!

      I'll be playing at jay2 for the next two or three weeks with certain regularity, since I have not much work.

      Have a nice week, ladies.

  9. See my member status 'round here? Innactive member, I wont remove tags, just check my profile. THANX

  10. Ay güey! ​Congrats mate! I've been away for a long time, but still sneaking around at forums. See you soon at servers.
  11. Having problems with ET for Mac OS X 10.8.4. Will try using Win VM and come back. Working@home already! ^__^

  12. Ok, I think I found a way to solve this mess: I'm installing a virtual machine with windows software and run ET under regular parameters using my config and old stuff from my last PC. Do you think that helps?
  13. I have almost the same problem with mi iMac, but in my case ET also crashes when downloading server maps and mod. Punkbuster is enabled and I think 2.6 patch too I've been trying to find out how to fix it, but can't find anything. I hope you can help me come back to game. I was like o.O
  14. Happy Birthday =NU=!


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