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A cool trick to improve your game


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seta ui_showGun "0"


This removes the gun making it easier to see during strafe shooting. The downside is that when you scope you cant see anything but a zoomed in mode, this made me think how to fix this because if you can see where your bullet will go you can scope in and destroy face as scoping removes bullet spread (not recoil). When you scope the center of your crosshair IS where your bullets land, it moves however. When you strafe your crosshair stands still but the spread is random.


Solution for pro aim in scope mode (med-long distance pwnage)


#1 If you have a glass screen simply get a dry erase marker and put a dot where the center of your crosshair is, this won't mess up the screen as long as you wipe it off, and keep your screen wiped down.


#2 If you don't have a glass screen you can get scotch tape put it over the crosshair and use marker to create a dot, this will prevent you from marking on your screen.


#3 If you have colored tape simply cut a small triangle or dot, and place it where the dot of your crosshair is.


I've introduced my competition team to this trick and well lets just say our shots are pretty insane now, and sniping with pistols and snipers is a breeze. Choose your scopes to the zoom amount you like and pro it up. I have the green eye scope so it has the fastest equip speed other than iron sights and a nice zoom.



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I'm pretty sure it doesn't move, the bullet hits exactly where my dot is every time for me, only time i get hit reg probs is when somebody is behind an object and theres a small crack im trying to shoot through. Sometimes it hits, sometimes it doesn't. But I find that if I'm ever directly on the head it always lands a hs.

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Your shots are insane now? Oh please, you got raped by [fe] last night, you are possibly the worst shot on your team and you were riding the pine on v55. You didn't think of this either you liar, kardon's teammate told you about it after he raped yall. You blow and you're bad and you're terrible.

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Your shots are insane now? Oh please, you got raped by [fe] last night, you are possibly the worst shot on your team and you were riding the pine on v55. You didn't think of this either you liar, kardon's teammate told you about it after he raped yall. You blow and you're bad and you're terrible.


I doubt this is Brett and is probably kardon using his name as this is how kardon types, and using the same disses he's been doing since v55 broke up. And the fact he pm'd me about this over xfire.



First off I did introduce this to my team, Dator and Squ!nty didn't know about this and they love it, 2nd off the guy that told us to turn gun off only said to put clear tape and marker on screen, he never said dry erase only, nor did he say to cut a colored piece of tape. So we did come up with the last 2.


Second Kardon (you) is the most biased and egotistical player there is, he ran v55 to the ground because he made bad calls and lacked leadership. Never stratted and just scrimmed with 5 new people every day. In the end he goes out and joins a team that beat us because they were prepared and well we didn't even have a real starting 5. You even ran your own E-best friend Larky out of the door, how pathetic was that, he even told me to quit days be4 v55 was going to break up because he was thinking about quitting too because of how you ran things. I'm sure your still friends but it's pretty f***ing pathetic when you run probably your best friend out the door and jump on someone-else's ship just because they looked like they had their shit together. Nice effort to fix things, and loyalty, just shows what kind of a scumbag you really are.


Third TE is a good team when their shots are on, they played extremely well with the best teamwork I've seen them have on the map they've been stratting. We had a TERRIBLE ringer who had like 500 xp for the match while rest of us had 3-5k+. This kid was so bad that dator had to hold tank side of reactor by himself in which they kept attacking that side with 2-3. When you constantly have to rotate to cover 3 directions with 4 players it becomes impossible when they send pushes of 4-1, with only one mine per engy, and one turret per team... FYI TE has cl0ck from quake whom has won many tournaments, handiman was one the of the best battlefield players, Leethal played for cK with clock and other top rtcw teams, and they have more. So before you say TE is some shit team, look at who they have, Each have accomplished more in their own carrers than you. So don't be some ignorant fat troll Kardon , and learn that you overrate yourself, and have hack bans on your record. Kardon you also claimed that you beat them after us last night, and that your ringer was shit and wasn't buffing, well I also saw his xp was half way up the ladders so I can only assume he was fragging hard, And round one I saw you were dead last in xp for the start of the round until midmatch. ALWAYS behind chilly and napkin whom carried your team. BTW we've only lost to them once, and that was without our 5, we beat them every other time in which they rage quit because larky rnaded once. And for you to say I'm the worst shot on my team I definitely know your Kardon, because you are always biased of people who know that you hacked et. Larky and ampd are good shots but I'm sure I can outshoot them. Dator is better than me, and I think me and Squ!nty are fairly even though he's got me on sniper probably. The only reason amp'd gets highest frag sometimes is because he plays engy and rambos against lesser teams where he pushes out and gets easy frags leaving fewer for us. I realize he doesn't do that against good teams but he's usually not top frag on good teams either as dator usually is. I just fail to see how you think I'm a terrible player as I make clutch obj plays daily with my nades and gun. Like I said you cannot judge skill when one person is buffed more than another, just wait till better comp configs and patches come out and things become more balanced. The only reason I even care to post this is because I do care about the integrity of me and my team. I just don't understand why your trying to place this attack on me when you even said we would win twl tourny... So get over your fat ego, your not as good as you think, I'm alot better than you give me credit for you biased trolling prick, and well you have this to live with:


Heres Kardon


He just tarnished the greatness of real madrid by wearing that shirt

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