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  1. If you are looking for a new mouse, https://www.pcgamingrace.com/products/glorious-model-o-white I Just got mine in and gave it a go. This thing is a BEAST, best fps mouse I've ever used and would highly recommend it for FPS gameplay. I have never instantly loved a mouse and company more. This mouse is the Zowie FK1 done right. Every flaw the zowie had this mouse improves. Shape - almost identical to Zowie FK1 but 1mm difference in most directions, however I actually enjoy the shape more, especially the left and right click area. Weight - 67g , thing is super light. so the honeycomb outer walls help reduce the weight. The FK1 weighed in at 80-90g while this thing is much lighter. I was flicking super well and felt easier to be consistant. Feet - This mouse comes with hyperglide level feet called g skates that Glorious makes. It has the best feet on any factory mouse period. Hardly any mice if any at all come with competitive level ptfe feet but this does. If you want to get mice feet like this you have to pay $15 or more a set for hyper glides. Glorious sells additional sets for 7 bucks . They are super smooth and noticeably better than the standard black teflon feet most mice have. Cord - This mouse has a top level cord as well. The cord is super light and flexible, almost feels like its not even there. Much better for moving your mouse around than a standard mouse cord you get from logitech or other big name companies. If you know what paracord mods are this is basically that. Another $15-20 dollar mod you don't have to buy. Side buttons - I love the side buttons. If there was anything i hated about the fk1, it was the shitty side buttons that would get stuck. These are crisp and extend just a bit off the mouse so you can grip them better but are still super comfortable. Mouse wheel - Super grippy , smooth scroll, reactive. Just like most other top end mice its mouse wheel is about the same. Mouse 1 and Mouse 2 buttons (left click , right click) - so these actually curve to your finger, the fk1 didn't and I love this. Clicks are smooth LED - amazing LEDs on such a light mouse, its like the 2nd lightest gaming mouse out there and has LEDs that look sick through the honey comb shape. Hands down the coolest looking mouse in the dark. Sensor - Now days most top end gaming mice have near flawless sensors, this one does too, I couldn't find any stuttering or jitter while using it. dpi -400 , 800 , 1600 , 3200 . With in game sensitivity, dpi doesn't matter too much. I got white matte because the LEDs reflect better off white than black. Glossy cost a bit more but gives a better grip for dry hands. I really hope other companies take after Glorious PC Gaming. They really have come out with a perfect mouse on their first try. I've been saying for over 10 years that I want these particular things on a mouse, (feet, cord, shape, weight, sensor, buttons) and they sure have delivered for a good price too, $50.00. I think this mouse will run final mouse out of business especially when the air 58's they make are worse and sell for $200-300. If Glorious keeps making products of this quality, they have a buyer for life.
  2. Amazing build!!! Very well put together too. Nice job with the setup, so clean. I'm pretty jealous, that build is just too sick. I'd love to see what fps you get in all games, and that pubg fps you posted is insane. I only get around 50 fps average in pubg on those settings with this 2012 build, and have been waiting to upgrade for a while now. I'm building something very similar to this but is gonna take some time to finish it due to waiting for pascal successor (volta/ampere w.e they name it). I myself just bought the following last night and are being shipped over this week. I didn't see this post until today so I was quite surprised and excited to see such a similar build. I7 8700k - Overpriced atm @ 414.00 but worth it with other deals. Intel is actually opening up another factory and shipping out product around December 14th so prices may or may not drop, demand is so high who knows. Amazing CPU. Trident z RGB 3200 c14 - Damn RAM prices are insane but I wanted at least 3200 @ c14. I did get it for 15.00 off though. I missed out on the 90.00 off @ newegg cause that sold out instantly. Trident Z is putting out 4000+ @ c17 in January but those prices are going to be way to high. Gigabyte z370 Aorus Gaming 7 - 70 bucks off a high end mobo, couldn't pass this up. I think I liked the Asus and MSI ones a little better though. Corsair Hydro 115i extreme liquid cooler - I know theres better AIOs out there but I got it for the lowest I've ever seen it and don't think I could get a better AIO for the price. I'm going to have to drill holes at the top of the case to mount this 280mm though. Thermo Grizzly Kryonaut EVGA 750w G3 power supply - got a steal on this one too, lowest price I had ever seen. ---------------------------------------------------- I plan on getting these to finish the build Volta/Ampere 80 card - Probably a launch from anywhere of Feb-May I'm hoping. We will find out in January or April at their conferences hopefully, they keep teasing it. I've been tempted to get a 1080ti but I've waited this long lol. 960 pro m.2 drive - these things are monsters, but I will probably wait because I have a 940 pro ssd atm and after doing some research the M.2s are only going to save me 1-2 seconds on anything I do, even bootups. Now when it comes to file transfers they blow ssds away, but what I got is good enough for now. 165 hz gsync monitor w/ low ms. I will wait until I get a gfx card, no point in getting one until I have gsync on gfx card anyway. I really like the one you chose though, I may copy you on that I still need to buy a cheap case to have a 2nd pc to put the old parts in once I get a gfx card. I'm using a CM HAF X atm, gonna clean it up again. This case doesn't look as nice as yours but it cools like a beast though (3x 200m fans, 1x 230mm fan, 1x 140mm fan, 1x 120mm fan). Only used a $25.00 heatsink w/ arctic silver 5 on a 3.2ghz 3570k OC'd @ 4.0ghz and never came close to hitting high temps. Well done on your build though, I hope mine will look as good when it's done.
  3. Feedback within the enemy territory/online games section is so scattered and often repeated that I think the forum could use a new tab to help organize people's feedback on specific servers without having people post opinions on others ideas. Use this section as a quick way to gather up ideas for server changes etc. My suggestion would be as follows: Add an additional tab under Enemy Territory Discussion labeled as "Server Feedback" so that it is next to "ET Discussion" "ET Support" "ET Scripts/Configs". In this tab have each server listed as a pinned topic with the public having no ability to post new topics. Example: F|A Recruiting Feedback F|A Hardcore Feedback F|A Silent Feedback etc. First post within each showing the structure of how people should post within these topics, a rule stating that any post not conducted in the format will be deleted. Any post adding an opinion on another will be deleted. Example of Format: Area of feedback Specific issue or concern Suggestion Area of feedback Specific issue or concern Suggestion Area of feedback Specific issue or concern Suggestion etc. ________________________________________________________ So my example of a post within the F|A Recruiting Server Feedback topic would be: Poison knife 1 hit = inability to hit, cannot self heal during poison, cannot cure with own med packs, damage ticks until dead I would have instant damage be 50, Poison do 30 total damage over a 1 second span, does not affect aim but adds a headshot flinch when originally hit. This would make the throwing knife a 2 hit kill, but would eliminate 1 hit kills on full hp targets. Start with 20 throwing knife ammo. Spawn Time Spawn time is too fast on defense for certain maps. *list maps* I would increase defense spawn times on maps where defense spawns near objective and offense has to travel a considerable distance such as *list maps* Gas Grenade Causes maps to be too spammy, interferes with FPS. Remove it. Double Jump Adds character to the server Keep it. If people agree with what another person says, they can simply put that same line in their own post. I would encourage people to also put what they like about the server so that both sides negative and positive could get a fair representation of how public and clan feel about each server.
  4. I've been out of the comp scene for ET for a while, since like 2008, so I wouldn't know who still scrims. I don't think NA has much activity anymore on ET Pro, not sure about EU. I still talk to many from NA community, we mostly play pubg and rocket league now. Many of my teammates from Dirty Bomb went to Overwatch and enjoy the competition. I'd say if you are looking to do a competitive game, Overwatch would be your best bet. They made it on some pretty good teams being Cloud9, Selfless, Faze, Fnatic, and others. I didn't like the games ult meta so I didn't get into it but it seems to be pretty popular these days. Hit me up on steam sometime
  5. sens = 2.3 dpi = 400 fov = 110
  6. i play on pc raiderred35
  7. Discord is the bomb. Been using it since June 2015. Pros - You can create you're own channels easily. - Can be in many servers at same time, but can only join one voice channel. - Private messages - Game overlay - Sound clarity - Chat can have videos and pictures viewed and played within discord instead of just hyperlink text. - You can easily see admins, members, guests within the channel on the right who are online, but may not be connected to the voice channels. - You can see offline people who have connected to the channel, good way of adding friends. - People who don't have the app can still join servers through the web browser. May as well download the app though. - Interface beats TS3, Ventrillo, and Mumble. - You can make yourself invisible to others when in a server. Good for hidden admins if needed. - Shows you what games people are playing. - It's FREE!!! Cons - Sometimes Discord will stop all sounds within it. Had this happen twice since I've used it, not a big deal just had to restart Discord. - Notification sounds are too similar. Features I would like to see -Server info on games people are playing in. -Launch games -Join friends game To me Discord blew the other competition away for what it has to offer. It has combined parts of Xfire, TS3, Mumble, and Forum capabilities into one with a really clean interface. Discord is still relatively new, so I would expect it only to grow. March 2015 - Jan 2016 = 3 mil users. Jan 2016 - Jan 2017 = 25 mil users. That is good growth, I expect it to dominate the competition in years to come.
  8. l'm on his team in that video lol. Turn steam overlay off. (in Steam go to library - right click dirty bomb - Properties - General tab - uncheck steam overlay in game) verify your game integrity (in Steam go to library - right click dirty bomb - Properties - Local Files tab - Verify game integrity) make sure all shadows and reflections are turned off in game and anything else that makes the game look nice. what is your cpu and gpu temps when running the game. If all that doesn't work, reinstalling the game and windows may help. I had the same issue a while back and turning off steam overlay helped, but ultimately I had to reinstall Windows and the game.
  9. Raider-


    Back in the day, I got some of my best practice and training sessions with teammates on ET headshot and other duel maps. It really does help to improve aim. I coached many players on those maps about how to approach corners and how to improve aim. Now we didn't rank anyone, that seems a bit over the edge. Those maps are really fun though. I'd participate in an event like that but not to rank anyone, just for fun 1v1s and training.
  10. I don't think they have clan wars in CR, mostly clans just donate excess cards to help people make decks to get extra gold and xp. You actually make profit from donations unlike COC. I don't believe activity is as demanding as COC is either. I've been in the clash of clans group since September though, I probably just missed the chat on the topic. I'm Justin in the COC group.
  11. the game is Clash Royale, it is made by the same people who made clash of clans. footage of game play: . I was curious if FA has already made a clan in the game, or had plans of doing so.
  12. Live @ http://www.twitch.tv/dbnationgg I play for top KEK, root for us

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