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Hi I'm Ganja


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Hey guys I'm =F|A=ApfelGanja and i joined =F|A= in march 2010. i play on Cod4, codmw2, and sometimes cod5.

I play on the =F|A=HC NO MARTY MIX (

I am russian/greek and i live in Cyprus (a small island south of Turkey). I speak russian, french, english, german and a bit of greek :) i joined =F|A= in march 2010 but stopped playing and going on forums for about half a year which explains why i only have 0.2 posts per day and im only level 9 on cod4 admin xD

Steam name is ^1=F|A=^3Apfel^0Ganja

I make random videos of random shizz on www.youtube.com/ApfelGanja

email me on maj.ingram@hotmail.com



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Oh my god its a toilet roll!!!!!! those still exist?


yes hi funk, its just most ppl dont know me as i have a miserbale 0.04 posts per day

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oh hi thoracic, yeah i remember you ^^ i wont be on the coming week cos i hv exams at school, so yeah

ill c u sometime


oh btw my xfire is apfelstrudel32

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