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Love to Hate


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All whiners can suck my hairy left nut.

All raters can Gargle on my left testicle sweat juice after a basketball practice.

All backbiters can sit on my cool miniature cactus plant and rotate.


But I still welcome you all to the wonderful freedoms of speech on =F|A=.


Go to hell. :mad Oh I just read suicidal maniacs wonderful rant about Nrgy, and thought I should make a post about what I hate about ETPlayers, and love about them aswell. Feel free to release your hate here. Hate and love you all for making me still love Enemy Territory after all these years still not bored of it.

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hate ... hum ... maybe jealousy yes, when someone play better then you (but i blame my self cos not making any progress in game), but hates No :hmm and especially for a game lol


I do have respect to all players even if they don't love me or share my opinions about the way to play or the way to have fun.


but hating players just because of this or that, and in virtual game its not in my list :rolleyes:


I love you all so don't hate me guys... it's only a game never take it personal muahahahahahahahaha

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