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C4 Stupidity


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Basically I've been messing around in devmaps in CoD4 for a while with c4 and it took me a surprisingly long amount of time to realize c4 sticks to walls.


So I did what a few bored teenagers do and decided to try to coat something completely in c4.




Initially chose a telephone pole because they kept getting in my way during actual matches so I decided to go overboard with it.


I'll be bored again in a little while so I'll probably coat some other random object in c4 and post it here. Probably will do a car next.



Also if you do it yourself, try blowing them up. Just stand back when you do it.

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Eh got around to the car. "Pimp my Ride - Terrorist Edition"






Pick up all the chicks in the neighbourhood before you drive this thing into the nearest outpost.

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