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the SHIT we get up to in vent


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LOL lemme break it down for u... the shit is just too funny, so i thought share our mental retardation with the whole of F|A!


this idea came to me (im really pissed that i didnt record it) but Dee and I got talking and we got to a prank to f*** over Erik (ur still a sexy beast) so i changed my name and put on a russian accent, this prank (intended only for Erik) was spilled into the grounds of unsuspecting Timeless, this was quite funny cos even timeless knew it was me for the first 30 seconds, but my sexiness fooled even him, so this funny shit has evolved into me posting things from vent wen im around now - stay tuned for an epic ride cos erik's a horney bastard who pokes shit an evry1 LOL - Here is my first post from vent =)




(Now wen u read this im stay-puft marshmellow man) Timeless put that post first then erik put his up, have fun with the random shit i post =) :lol::lol:

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