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Just to clear this up


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Ok just for the record. Our new BF2 server is a ranked server. For those who may not know what that means. Ranked servers are all logged to EA Games and any rank and stats that you obtain on one ranked server will also show up on any other ranked server. This is done by ranked servers communicating with EA Games on a continuious basis.


As a result of this communication players using "cracked" versions of the game will not be able to connect. Usually you will recieve a message about an invalid serial number. So if you are using cracked software you will be stuck with playing on non ranked servers.


As always in F|A we run our servers 100% legit with all the latest patches and Streaming Punk Buster. So play legit or play else where.

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Thank you very much for posting it. It would clear up 10% of my xfire message. Why I can't join BF 2 server. :)

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