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All cod are not the same developper, here is the story


Infinity Ward did not developped Call of Duty 5, But the next COD6^^ yes, publisher Activision decided they wanted to have a new Call of Duty game out every year, which didn’t leave enough time for Infinity Ward to create the games they wanted to. So a compromise was made after CoD2: Infinity Ward would get two years to make another title, and the franchise would be handled by developer Treyarch in the interim. This explains why CoD3 may have seemed quite a bit different from CoD2.



http://www.fragland.net/news/Call-of-Du ... ard/17608/

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I kinda hope thy rethink the "New release every year" thing...... Thats how you kill a franchise....start releasing rushed titles (Looking at you EA and NEED FOR SPEED)

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Yeah, it's also 150 buckaroonies... nice price when we're in a recession lol.

I'll probably just be getting the regular edition... don't really care about a steel case or art book in the "hardened" edition. I did want those night vision goggles though :(

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