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how many times can a game be played till the end?


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Call of Duty 2 = 14 times

Call of Duty 1 = 7 times

Call of Juarez = 9 times

Gun = 3 times

Port Royale 2 = Had 2 Cities constructed and 2000 inhabitants each( that takes some time) Gampaign Completed

Age of Mythology = 4 times

imperialism 2 = 6 times

Max Payne 2 = 7 times


(times mentioned are on the hardest diffculty)


There was a time when i didn't have a life (But now I Do!!)

post yours :)

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i think i can beat that.


Civilization 1, 2 ... about 200-300 times :hmm


But right. Its much faster.

I played 2 a TON. Just played 3 again today. Haven't tried 4 out yet.


I beat Metal Gear Solid at least 20 times.

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I've played through most of the Final Fantasy games 10+ times each, and despite being long ass games, I'm still not bored with them. Same with Silent Hill, I've played #2 close to 20 times through now, and I'm on at least my 6th run through 4, and yet I still love them both. Shooters on the other hand, once you've played through it once, i just find it boring to play again. But hey, that's why they have multiplayer^^

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