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Favorite Music Bands or songs


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OK... As a music lover i decided to make that thread..


Post what genre you like most


And then post you favorite bands


And your favorite songs...


Metal, Hard Rock and yes, a bit of reggae


Iron Maiden 4 life Up the irons!!


Fear of the Dark (Iron Maiden)

Hallowed be thy Name(Iron Maiden)

The trooper(Iron Maiden)

Sign of the Cross(The live one with bruce... Iron Maiden)

Stairway to Heaven(Led Zeppelin)


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Rise against - Savior (great song) and Swing life away (an acoustic one by them) Really anything by them

Atreyu - Blow, Falling Down, the whole Lead Sails Paper Anchor album is great, their older stuff is alright

Breaking Benjamin - Almost all of their songs are good, they do get a little old after a while but still a nice listen.

Rascal Flatts - Great Country band

Taylor Swift - (My girlfriend got me into her, don't blame me)

Almost any song with Lil' Wayne is good

And i like artists like Jason Mraz, Erick Hutchingson, and Matt Costa

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my favorite bands:


1. Modest Mouse

2. The Beatles

3. The Allman Brothers Band

4. Kings of Leon

5. Pixies


i saw Rise Aganist this past October in Myrtle Beach, SC. what an amazing show! my buddy turned me on to them when i lived in charleston and have since bought all their CDs. def a rockin band beckoning. my fav CD has got to be 'siren song of the counter culture'. 'state of the union' is sooooo sick!

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My favorite band of all time is Pantera, my favorite song is Goddamn Electric, unless you count Domination live @ Monsters of Rock 1990.


Other favorites:


- Led Zeppelin

- Bob Marley

- Jay-Z

- Eminem

- Devildriver

- Brad Paisley

- Hank Williams

- Cypress Hill

- Eric Clapton

- Stevie Ray Vaughan


I can go on for days... I love music more than most people that say they do ;)

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ah monsters of rock.... What did you remind me! I saw some parts of this live

This is the performance I was talking about in particular, at Moscow right after the fall of the USSR. Estimates of the crowd size are between 600,000 and 1,000,000... and Pantera was feeling that energy like nobody else. The breakdown in this gives me goosebumps even though I've heard it hundreds of times.



I sometimes get angry that I will never see them live. I would even settle for a tribute charity concert with friends of Dime (Kerry King, Ace Frehley, Scott Ian, Zakk Wylde, Eddie Van Halen) playing guitar, but it will probably never happen seeing as Vinny hates Phil.

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