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Mouse Accelleration?


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Link on Taking Advantage of High definition mouse movement from microsoft website.



Link to getting rid of the negative acceleration on high dpi mice. I don't know if it will be a placebo affect honestly, but after disabling mouse acceleration i will be using 2000dpi with my 0.6 sensitivity and hopefully I don't get any negative accell that i've been getting occasionally.



I have been getting crazy negative feedback from quick movements of my G5 mouse I hope this method works.


Also I suggest you read the forum section of Tutorial on Mouse Settings. http://www.fearless-assassins.coms/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=1178

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800dpi 2sense now , I'm sort of thinking this is a mental placebo. I do feel more in control of my mouse though but meh hope this could help someone out maybe I'd feel it was effective if someone has had windows mouse acceleration disabled on their computer. :| Neutral right now about this whole thing :P

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You use set point right? aka G5? Then mostly you don't have negative acceleration if you are using good mouse pad.

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Okay what do you think about this then Daredevil for high dpi mouse.



RInput v1.2 released



Good evening Crossfire!

abort wrote a new program called RInput.



RInput allows you to override low definition windows mouse input (accurate until 400cpi) with high definition mouse input (raw input, which is more accurate for high cpi mice). This is certainly useful for games like Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory as the engine only supports low definition windows mouse input.




* Prevents negative acceleration.

* More accurate.

* Bypass windows mouse settings (1:1, Low Level).

* Less overhead than Direct Input.



Read the included readme to find out how to use it!


Hint: If you don't know if/why you should use this tool, you probably don't need it!

People using a high cpi mouse (like 800+cpi) with a low sensitivity (like 50cm/360°) and a small monitor resolution (like 800x600) will benefit most from it.


If you want to automate the process, copy this code into a .bat file and put the file into your ET folder.

Quote start C:rinputv12RInput.exe ET.exe

start ET.exe %*


(You may have to modify the path to RInput.exe depending on where you extracted it to.)


Download RInput v1.2



If you still have problems/questions, check out this tutorial:

(url) [www.crossfire.nu]



Thanks to abort for creating this tool!

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did u used it? u felt difference?


If i will use it i will see no difference since my fps fluctuates a lot since i am always maxing out my 2G RAM and it's laptop after all. No matter what software, what mouse or pad people will use .. if their fps is not stable their sens will keep changing.


PS Set point works best for me.

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