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I like the independent movies, cuz they don't spend a lot of money in special effects, expensive actors or trilogies, that's the reason why i like it, so, here's a lot of guys and girls from other places, can you recommend me some independent movies from your natal country or some good movie that you know.

Share with others make you a big person.

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so if i share some movie titles with you i will become a bigger person ?

I don't mean just about movie titles, in general. I knew it, i need remove it from the topic.

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Good/expensive actors don't make a simple movie bad. By example, the movies of Guy Richie, like "Snatch", "lock, stock & two smoking barrels" have certain expensive actors. Jason Statham and Brad Pitt aren't cheap :P I think the director is more important, and maybe you should look in the Arthouse movies, many of them are more about the story than the special effects. However, there are enough where that isn't the case.


Do you have some examples which fits your description of independent movies? That will make it easier for us.




Personally, I have many more German or French movies than Dutch movies (and I'm Dutch). One of the best French movies is Amelie, to give an first example. But I think you should have seen that one already :P

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There quite some good "independent" movies if you wanna call it that way , for me its simply NOT Hollywood movies ^^


Try these :








The Green butchers


Adams Apples






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