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[READ BEFORE POSTING] How to request new maps.


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If you want to request new map for any of our server, please follow below procedure.


This is the place to make your request. Just make sure to follow these simple procedures to make sure we see your request.


1] Start your own thread / topic with Map Name in the title. If you want to suggest/feedback 5 maps make new topic for each map. Don't put all in one topic. If the topic of that map exist, don't create new one. Just use same topic. Duplicate topics will be moved to invalid suggestion section.

2] Specify for which server you want that map.

3] Post the download link of that map from our download section. If that map doesn't exist in our download section, upload the map and then post that download link.

4] Post links or additional information about the map, just the name alone doesnt tell us much about it, so dont expect us to research the map you want.

5] Describe/explain why the map you are suggesting is good for server.


MOST IMP: If anyone will not follow above rule I will LOCK their map request topic. Keep the forums easily accessible rather then throwing everything in one post.


Both Negative and Positive comments ARE welcomed on any map requests you may see. If you make a comment, please clarify as why you feel that way, DONT bother with plain "It sucks" or "Its Great" comments, tell us why you feel that way .


Remember in the end you are making request. It doesn't guarantee map will be on server anytime soon.


You can always check if the map you are suggesting as been suggested before or not. If it suggested before, you can always post in that topic to gather more votes for that map.


Approved / Accepted Maps

Denied / Invalid Request


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