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BlackOps requirments question.


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I plan on getting BlackOps within the next week or two, but looking at the requirments i am not sure if it's a good idea to get it right now.


In the screen shots below are my settings for Cod 4 right now, which give me a good 50-90 fps (or 20-30 in smoke nades.)


Laptop specs:


Ati mobility 4570

4gb DDR

AMD Turion II X2 M500 (2.2ghz duel)


the reason why i ask is because the min requires 2.4 ghz duel core, but so does Sc2 which i have no issues running on low shader with high textures, Med effects ect "res-1280-1024" (Only lags in huge battles with zergling ect.)


I would also appreciate it if someone whould take a screen shot of the Ingame Blackop setting page (like my screenshots below.) Just to get a better idea.






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Seems to be a little bit more customizable options to configure so i should be fine if i tweak properly, i hope...lol. Thanks :lol:



no problem :) dont forget someone posted cfg options to also help FPS problems

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