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It took me forever to scroll through to find a not empty Gun Game Match (Or any match for that matter). Then they would be for a different Country. I got very lucky and got in a 3/6full one, but we had to wait forever for more guys. Wager match is SOO dead. It was never really alive, so, its just been on its knees. I was owning in GunGame though xD. Also, Xbox has one good thing over PC besides being dead to hell. You can choose 3 sections between "Anne Up" something else and like "High Roller" or w/e. But basically, Each one is a different amount of money you wager, and different amount yo win. My friend has gotton to 90K CoD points many times. While unfortunately for PC, your only option is 500. Pretty fking rediculous. I cant believe how dead this game is, and how many issues it has -_-. Especially for PC. Hardly any issues for Xbox.

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Yeah lol, Click on the players list ( the button that says players on the Search results -.-) and the filter will go from the fewest to the most players in a match... Then just click on the scroll....thing and get it all the way to the bottom :P If *I* can find it, it's easy :)

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