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Hi all


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Hi all,


My name is Rolf, but on the CoD4 hardcore server I'm better known (actually, only known) as blackangel. However, that nick is already occupied here, so I choose my real life nick. In that real life I live in Eindhoven, The Netherlands, for almost my entire 24 years. Currently I'm living with my parents, for it is cheap/free and about 1 km from Eindhoven University of Technology, or TU/e. Yes, I've lived on my own during an internship, but it had a dish washer, a cleaning lady and no rent. But as a student without work, I'm glad that I have 2 out of 3 at home :P At the TU/e I'm busy with my master Computer Science and Engineering. For this should take more than 40 hours a week, my other hobbies are pretty much gone. However, during holidays I like to travel. Two options, walk through a random city, or hike through the forest. Nothing is better than a couple of days where all electronics you use are a flash light, a camera and a cell phone which you only use as an alarm clock.


Anyway, about my education, I say "should take more than 40 hours" because I recently, about 3 weeks before last exam period, installed CoD4 again. That means I've pretty much ruined that exam period. Not a large problem, but for the next I should be less frequent on your servers or I'll become a student for life. (the Dutch word is more beautiful, "eeuwige student".) However, during those weeks I've had some achievements already. I'm a server regular, lv3 (somehow), achieve a k/d of 1.5 averagely (somehow) and I prefer TD&headquarters instead of Sabotage, because the last one has many campers. And although I don't care if I have to take a bullet for the team, with campers & my aggressive style I (somehow) catch a lot of bullets for the team. But I think I should call myself a "team player" then, instead of a loser with <1 k/d ratio :P


Anything else, just ask me. Except questions about CoD4, I've no idea what I'm doing in that game other than throwing grenades and shooting everyone I think I can hit :P


Rolf / blackangel

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