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Pic of the Day 25.09.21


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Pic #1, there are 68 or more Gaming Rules???

            AND that the "prettiest" boys & girls may not have the best marriages.  I am reminded of all those actors & actresses who have gone through 4, 5 or 6 marriages in their lifetimes! 


Pic #2, I wonder what will happen at the next station, when the doors open?


Pic #3, Taught me a lot.  I had always thought that Crocodiles were found only in Africa, Asia or the Pacific, BUT it seems that there ARE crocodiles in the Western Hemisphere!  One of the four species of Crocs in this region, the "American Alligator", has a range from Southern Florida (USA), Mexico and Caribbean islands to as far south as Venezuela and Peru!  It is a "salt-water" type and can be found on coastlines, swamps and in brackish water.  😮 🐊 (croc, no 'alligator' emoji )



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