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110 factory map remake


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Suggestions for 110 factory map.




1. Remove FPS killing things?


2. Make the map pk3 size as smaller as possible?


3. New spawn points are already done.


Few more suggestions from my perspective.



remove little water and land_1.png

add new tunnle if possible.png

outlet of tunnel_3.png

new way of attack.png

fps improvement.png

remove lights.png


fps improvement_1.png

back door changes.png

open area.png

window bigger.png

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1.Would it be possible to higher the ground the allies spawn on, so its not too much of a dominant hill affect giving axis the upper hand automatically? They spawn on 1 single island and the axis can pretty much suround from higher ground.

2.Remove the water and level the ground a little so its not an enormous battle trying to get up the hill when axis are already set to camp and kill.

3.I like the idea of a tunnel to get inside, creates some opportunity for allies to get a shorter attack plan instead of trying to find the prone campers on hills.

4.Never knew what the balloons were for, I like the destroyable door, perhaps make it stachel accessible as well. When engy plants and dies it takes too much time to run back and defend dyno.

5.Although that plane does lower fps, I feel it would be too open in that area. I feel the plane gives you some way to dodge incoming fire from opposing sides.

6.Remove the lights, yes it makes it look more like a runway but they are pointless IMO may help FPS, idk.

7.Repairable stairs are always a plus. Any time a get-away is destroyed its nice to be able to get it back.

8.Inside the factory is just a cluster Fk anyway. Not sure what to say about that.

9.Again with the access point for the objective, campers are the problem with only 1 entrance, dual entrances will help out, given the long way to secure objective.

10.Question on the bunker, are you stating to make it more of an awning that covers the flag so it becomes a 360 degree open acess to the flag?

11.With the window that only fits 2, either widen it or place another window that allows you to hop onto the top of the cab of the truck so under heavy fire you can bolt out in a hurry.



Obviously this map is made more for the axis team, and alot of the suggestions are to help allies so the map is enjoyable all around no matter the team. I would definitely love to see this map in rotation if it becomes equal on both sides. :thanks

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I added 2 things :

+the wall side entrance (where balloons arrive), with an axis door (destroyed on the screenshot) :



+sandbanks(there sand just above the water) but just in a little corridor :




the pk3 file :

110_factory_test (the map name is even 110_factory_test so you have to do "/map 110_factory_test" to test it)

(I replaced the other by the new pk3)


about others ideas :

-Make the ground higher is tooooo long ^^

-the tunnel is a bit long too but I think it's very good idea too so I'll do it :P

-remove the lights : don't know if it's very useful

-repairable stairs : lots of entities for no a very useful thing ^^ (and if we do the 6 :rolleyes:)

-second entrance : they are already a second entrance near the place where you have to put the objective. Make the second big door will put axis in difficulty. => to see and argue ^^.

-a bunker without walls is a bunker ? :unsure:

-make the escape window wider : to do...


and :

give your ideas = )

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I just got done testing the map, and I like the spawn for the allies. they get to spawn either on the boat or on the cliff. the sand to create a small barrier for the allies really gives them some motion to get up the hill.

The bunker should be changed its still original.

My thoughts on the inside of the factory, they ladders that can be destroyed should be able to be rebuilt back or just not able to be destroyed.

I still only see 1 way to access the objective. Not sure if this will be changed.

Didnt see a tunnel, I presume your still working on that.



Thanks for the mods nico, great work. I like the map better already with the small changed that are there

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I can do not make light compilation (like in the test version) this do not affect a lot but it won't really reduce the pk3 size because the bsp file have a good compression.

In the pk3, textures take the major place : May be I can replace some which are in the pak0.pk3 but I think 2bit made it. (they are 10Mb of textures in the pk3 file)

So... Not really :/

I will do what I can.

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