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How to apply to join Scum


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To submit your application plz start a new topic (don't post your application in others application).

Mention your are making an application to join the scum group with your name in the title.

Example "Rambozo application"



Plz enter your steam ID in your profile


Here's how to get your steam ID. You must enter your steam ID in your profile so we can set your admin level.

SteamID how to


How to add in your profile (click on edit profile)

Account settings




Here's the application format you need to use when making your application


In-game name:

Previous gaming aliases:


Previous gaming clans or guild, if any:

Discord ID (Username#1234):


What country are you from?:

What languages do you speak?:

Do you use a translator to post in English?

How did you find our community?:

Do you play other games?:

Roughly how many days a week do you play?:

Have you donated or purchased VIP membership?:

Do you have any admin experience?:

Will you be able to help in recruiting new members?:

Do you have any special expertise (coding, modding, Photoshop, etc.)?:

What will you be able to offer the community should you be accepted?:

Have you submitted your SteamID in your profile?:

Who referred you? (These are important so make sure you list everyone that asked you to apply):


Tell us about yourself (optional):



Optional: you can introduce yourself to the community

Introduce yourself


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