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Bus over bridge beaver | MotD 28.03.21


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From Ky3.com, By Caitlin Sinett Published: Oct. 15, 2018

Roger Shoffit, who lives in Beaver, said, "With the GPS, a lot of the cars and heavier vehicles are taking this route to go around Eureka Springs. And we're afraid they will close this bridge due to the overweight loads that are going across it."

On the drive toward the bridge, you'll find multiple signs saying vehicles weighing more than 10 tons are not allowed. [9.07 metric tons}
Shoffit said, "The problem is that there's over 62 signs between when you get onto our road and when you hit the bridge."
But that still did not stop two buses from crossing the bridge this weekend.
Shoffit said, "It breaks my heart every time I see this."
A spokesperson with the Arkansas Department of Transportation says each bus could weigh up to 35 tons. [31.75 metric tons]
That's more than three times the weight that's allowed on Beaver Bridge.
ARDOT was already doing routine maintenance on the bridge, and inspected it for safety Monday.
The bridge is 70 years old and designed to flex, but not for that much weight.


and from elsewhere:  " You can expect an average school bus weight to be about 24,387 pounds (11,062 kg) ".   [ 12.19 tons = 11.06 metric tons ].

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