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ADMINS - inconsistency and it's repercussions.


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So yesterday I was playing ET on the Silent server where I always play and minding my own business, not talking and not causing any problems (of which I am guilty of in the past).  The map was Caen, I had a 11 kill streak and playing for axis as a covert.  I was on axis side of the bridge by the boxes and needed some ammo and health so headed back to spawn.  Along the way I decided to drop my satchel by the wooden door and glass windows to blow them up (bit of an OCD thing where i like to shoot all chairs and break all glass).  All pretty harmless stuff right?  Well this is where it gets a little crazy, F|A SLeestack decides after seeing me blow up a pointless door that I'm fooling around and puts me into spectator after checking my aliases and realizing |3rian is Zee which ultimately is me Shadow, ya know the guy with the rap sheet. 


Now I know I have trolled with my actions before and I accept that but I did all my mutes and accepted all by bans (of which 1 was for no reason my F|A hecken, sorry can't remember spelling exactly but he's Argentina and Cata's friend.  He snuck in while I was on mute and banned me for 28 days for no reason, nobody was around to see it.  He can deny it all he wants and I'm sure he will but I remember).


So after F|A Sleestack puts me into spec I asked why, he said fooling around.  I said umm no I had an 11 kill streak that you just ended so his response was " you're toxic on the team" or words to that effect.  I took a screenshot but it didn't work so I have adjusted my cfg file to do screenshots and record video for future issues.


Now as far as "fooling around" goes, what exactly is that?  Is it when "Big Rig" does nothing but plant dynomite and talk endlessly about religion while standing next to a CP that needs building or a barrier that needs constructing?  Or is fooling around when F|A MArtin and F|A FCC decide to have a knife fight whilst on the same team?  Or is fooling around when F|A Sleestack used to sit in his own spawn sulking if he thought the teams were stacked and move every 30 seconds so he wouldn't be timed out?  Because if he just quit people would say "he rage quit" and if he went spec same thing so his precious ego and false pride kept him in the game.  Meanwhile he's actually blocking someone from joining who actually would help the team and not sulk.  We all play games where we know it's stacked i.e. better players on 1 team.  We all see players join a stronger team (god knows I have had unjustified warnings for simply joining the server and taking the first empty slot, not checking the teams or scores ( use /scores), but that's not my job to do that, I am just a player.  How many players look at the map, and time left, who is playing, who is winning, check scores and do !howfair (of which I can't) before joining a team??) and we rely on the Admins to fix these things.  Again he might deny this but I remember and I am sure others do too.


You admins constantly tell us "If you have an issue take it to the forums", so here it is and laid out in honesty.  I have more inconsistencies(admins pushing players, admins moving others before moving themselves when teams are uneven, admins insulting players and each other) of which I will talk about in days to come and I will be taking screenshots of any admins abusing their powers and post the pics so all can decided.


Well if anything I feel better now :) and remember, I might have done some bad things in the past but I am by no means a bad person and I have been doing really well in the behavioural side of things plus unlike most people in this world I actually do not lie.


Stay posted for more to follow....



Regards, Brian aka The Shadow.

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1 hour ago, The Shadow said:

You admins constantly tell us "If you have an issue take it to the forums", so here it is and laid out in honesty.

For future reference, this is not the correct section to post things like this. These go in the Admin Abuse/ Admin Complaint category, or you can also fill out a “Contact Us” form here-


 That being said, when they say “Take it to the forums”, they mean to fill out an admin abuse report using the correct format.

Here is the admin abuse topic location-


And here is where you can find the format and additional information needed-




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