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Can't join any servers


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I was messing around changing my name. I think I used and underscore (_) and some parenthesis (") and got kicked for a name error or something. Ever since, I can't join any servers. Tried executing a difference .cfg and cleaning .pk3 files to no avail. My game completely freezes when I try to join Silent and HC. What shall I do?



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I looks like you have had the names _( v )/, ,  Penguin, Peng('v')uin and many more on HardCore and Silent#1, but now only have UnnamedPlayer.


"UnnamedPlayer" is often seen with players show have somehow gotten blank-names.


The "quote marks" can be used to surround a name with internal blanks, such as /name "Flying Penguin Air Force".  I have never tried to use them inside a name.  On Second thought, if you had tried something like /name ""pengoid"", then the first pair of double-quotes might just create a blank name!


What you could do is start ET, select the Silent mod and then do /name Penguin in the console and then that Penguin name should be saved in your Silent mod ETconfig file for the next time that you join a silent-mod server.  


If that does not work, 😮 then you had better damn well use The Beast's Beastly suggestion! 😮 




Personally, I would save copies of my etconfig and autoexec.cfg files, just in case.  I have an online backup service that does that every time the files are changed, and I also do a local save-a-copy every month, just in case. BAck up your silent\silent.dat and etmain\etkey files.

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On 11/2/2020 at 10:58 PM, THE BEAST said:





exec config.exe 




should work 


14 hours ago, a'Suh said:

Unfortunately, didn't work. My game seems to be pretty jacked up. I'm gonna do a fresh install.


Did you Beast's solution?


If you do reinstall, be sure to copy & save the silent.dat and etkey files out of your ET file systems so that you can restore them after the reinstallation. 

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Yep, I tried it with no luck. The way it was erroring out seemed like a memory leak or something.


I copied my silent and etkey files so should be good to go. Danke!

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