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Script shortcuts don't work


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I've been tweaking my cfg, and I came across this wonderful tutorial (among the many wonderful tutorials and sample cfg's here).

The shortcuts don't seem to work, however. 


Following the instructions below, I used this in my script:

bind KP_LEFTARROW "vsay_team Incoming ^cEnemies incoming at ^a[l]!"

but that's just how it appears on screen, just "enemies incoming at [l].

I tried lower case and upper case. I also tried it without the color code. Other shortcuts don't work either.


I only tried it in Beginners #2 (because that's basically the only server I play on). I have seen other players use similar shortcuts there, so I assume it is possible.

Can someone help me out?


Thanks 🙂






On 6/10/2010 at 11:15 AM, -=Medic=- said:

IV- Make Binds With Shortcuts:

Shortcuts can be used in conjunction with binding keys. it come in ET MODS that use Shrubbot (like jaymod, etpub, nitmod or noquarter) All f|a Server have shortcuts enabled, Shortcuts can be used to make useful or funny customized vsay/say to all players or only to teammates

There are others shortcuts that come in new update with different MODS, so you need to check mods site for more, but here we have the most common shortcuts for listed mods above.

[A] - Past person who gave you ammo.
[D] - Last person who killed you.
[H] - Last person who gave you health.
[K] - Last person you killed.
[L] - Your current location. (Coordenates in where u are)
[N] - Your nickname.
[R] - Last person who revived you.
[P] - Teammate you are pointing at.
- Your health (HP).
[W] - Weapon you are currently holding.
[T] - Ammo u have in current weapon. 

You can use shortcuts with both form:



Shortcuts can be used in conjunction with binding keys, in Or with CUSTOMTEXT


/bind P "vsay_team EnemyDisguised ^1Watch Out Guys!!! Enemy in disguise! Coming From [L]"

Watch Out Guys!!! Enemy in disguise! Coming From E, 5

/bind I "vsay NeedAmmo ^4Ammoooo Please!!! ^1Only [t] Ammo Left For My [w]!"

Ammoooo Please!!! Only 11 Ammo Left For my Mortar!

/bind O "vsay GreatShot [d] ^8You Are The Man, But Next Time You Will Taste My [w]!"

=F|A= ThunderCunt You Are The Man, But Next Time You Will Taste My Knife!

All binds can be added from Console or save in your config



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These are silent mod shortcuts:




Server supports the replacement of the following keys in say messages

[a] last player who gave you ammo

[d] last player who killed you

[g] the last 8 characters of your GUID

[h] last player who gave you health

[k] last player you killed

[l] your location (letter,number)

[n] your name

[r] last player who revived you

[p] last player you looked at

health remaining

[w] name of current weapon

[t] ammo for current weapon


Not sure if locations are up-to-date on server or was there some cvar for locations as client side. I cant find any on my cfg, so not sure.

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