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Issues with my old Silent server


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Hey all, new here, but you guys seem to be the only game in town for something like this.


I have two problems that seem to be related, but have no idea how they came to be. I had a friend way back helping me, maybe he changed something. It's been a long time... so here goes:


Shrubbot is set up properly, and xpsave cvars are the same as when i used this last. When a new map loads, XP is set back to 0, and !setlevel is back to 0 -- like something isn't reading or writing? Obviously this happens as well when first connecting. With rcon i can reset my setlevel successfully for that map only. Had a friend connect, set him up, then same thing upon next map. i looked through server and silent cfgs, didn't see anything obvious, but it's been years since I had any chops at all with cvars and such. Anyway, my nephew wants to use the server, so I'm gifting him this old machine, but not if it's broken :)


Any ideas? I'm wondering if there are other related anomalies that I hadn't noticed. Those 2 were very obvious. Appreciate any help... thanks in advance, and nice to see ET still going strong!



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3 hours ago, Buckwild said:

Config files should be in etwolf/silent folder on server root

Yeah, they sure are. I appreciate your speedy reply. Is there a certain cvar I should check perhaps that would affect these? Perhaps a file I should make sure EXISTS and is getting pointed to properly?


Thanks again man. I'm flummoxed.


Edit: Since etkey stores this info on the client side, could there be something amiss that's keeping the server from reading info from the client's etkeys? I confirmed my etkey is where it belongs


Edit 2: in-game when it loads XP (tries to), the console says this: server: loaded stored XP from PERMANENT ago

-- I don't think it's supposed to say PERMANENT

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what are the values you have for


set g_XPsave

set g_resetXPMapCount

set g_XPSaveMaxAge



Maybe i forgot a few but this could give us a clue to start with

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