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ET Jay #1 CovertOps More Covert


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Nippleslip is asking that CovertOps keep disguised more on Jay1.
Here are the options, I don't know what server is set at now.
There's no: Keep uniform when using Gun or whatever  like other mods, Jaymod was an early mod.


g_covertops — set bitflags for Covert-Ops behavior(Add the numbers to enable)
g_covertops [flags]
Table 13.8. g_covertops Flags
1 keep disguise when class-switching
2 keep disguise when throwing med packs and reviving
4 keep disguise when throwing ammo packs
8 keep disguise when laying mines or using pliers
16 enable stealing uniform from a live player from behind
32 enable disguised enemy name drawing when close-up
g_covertops 0
g_covertops sets bitflags for Covert-Ops behavior


Maybe subtract 32 so It doesn't namedraw: disguised enemy

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I'm not sure that is the correct bitflag. I think that g_covertops flag controls whether or not you get to wear the name of the person you are disguised as at all. I could be mistaken but with this turned off I think it would show as no name to anyone looking with less than level 4 field ops and still "Disguised Enemy" to anyone with level 4 field ops.


The bitflag that will let the covert ops be spotted by every class is in g_skills.


1 -- level 4 battle-sense can spot mines for team
2 -- level 4 explosives-and-construction skill carries over to all classes
4 -- adrenaline carries over to all classes
8 -- level 4 signals enables all classes to spot disguised enemies


The current value seems to be 9. By subtracting 8 it would only allow field ops to spot disguised enemies.


I think this is a good change for class balance to make covert ops a bit more stealthy and field ops more useful. It may not make a big difference on most maps though where you spot an enemy in disguise not by the label but by the direction the enemy is moving, the weapon they are carrying, and in general how the player is behaving. Also, without friendly fire damage I often throw a few 'test shots' at a suspected covert since there is no risk of hurting a teammate.



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