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  1. The last version of Mac OS X that ET 2.60d ran on natively without any extra effort was 10.6 Snow Leopard released around 2009. Later versions of OS X from 10.7 Lion up to I think 10.0 Yosemite could be made to work if you fought enough with the changes apple made to the sandboxing (added security around installing software) and X11 support. I haven't heard of anyone getting the native ET client to work on macOS beyond. It also shouldn't be possible on anything after 10.15 Catalina because of the drop of 32bit support. WINE or one of the wrappers for it like playonmac work okay if
  2. One thing to check is if the com_crashed cvar flag was tripped to 1 by something that happened in that whole process. "shut itself down with no error message" suggests this happened. The reason you get a weird resolution and some other settings after a crash is that certain cvars are considered "unsafe" by ET (probably because they are more often associated with crashes and startup problems). After a crash unsafe cvars are not executed until you reset com_crashed to 0 or set com_ignorecrash to 1. My guess as to the root cause is that somehow you ended up with two client
  3. I'm not sure that is the correct bitflag. I think that g_covertops flag controls whether or not you get to wear the name of the person you are disguised as at all. I could be mistaken but with this turned off I think it would show as no name to anyone looking with less than level 4 field ops and still "Disguised Enemy" to anyone with level 4 field ops. The bitflag that will let the covert ops be spotted by every class is in g_skills. 1 -- level 4 battle-sense can spot mines for team 2 -- level 4 explosives-and-construction skill carries over to all classes 4 -- adre
  4. I put together a side-by-side example of how a fight plays out when at least one player has a very high ping (350 vs 30) with the real world times approximately synced and then played back at 1/10th speed. The result is not anywhere close to as accurate as synchronizing a screen capture from each player but it gives a reasonable idea of what both players saw at the same real world time. I used Sunlight's demo view to delag the game from Maths' perspective and then offset the start time by about 258ms and recorded. +167ms to server (half of Maths' ping) +25ms (on average) be
  5. My favorite part of this demo is speed missing this basic jump on the first two attempts. I'm not sure why you think this is or should be a restricted area other than the map boundary clipping issue that prevents you jumping directly to the roof surface. That roof can be accessed from three sides and both teams can get up there. Anyone up there can be shot, grenaded, knifed, sniped, etc from a dozen positions so it is not similar to the restricted roof area on the Caen map.
  6. v-sync is controlled in ET by r_swapinterval, with 0 for off and 1 for on. It is already set to 0 in your file ET-Extra.cfg so I do not think that is your problem. If your FPS is stuck at exactly 60, v-sync is your problem so make try entering \r_swapinteval 0 in the ET console and check that your graphics card setting has v-sync turned off. If your FPS isn't locked at 60 but is just very low... - You probably do want to change r_finish from 1 to 0 and r_displayRefresh from 75 to 0 unless you are on a 75hz monitor. - I also see that r_primitives is not set in any of your
  7. The cvar r_aspectratio does not exist in the source code for etmain or jaymod. Perhaps it comes from another mod or is a rtcw config relic? r_customaspect does exist in ET but the lines of code that act on it's value have been commented out. ET is build on a underlying 640x480 world (4:3 aspect ratio). In this aspect ration at the default 90 degree horizontal field of view you get a vertical field of view of ~73.7 degs. I adapted the relevant lines from the souce that you can plug into google--just enter your screen width, height, and cg_fov value to see your vertical
  8. Today I decided to try moving my shooting button (+attack) from MOUSE1 to SPACE. Learning to shoot by pressing SPACE was easier than expected but, to make it all work, I had to move jump and crouch to MOUSE1 and MOUSE2 and that has severely borked my movement reflexes. Otherwise I run a fairly ordinary layout with WASD for movement and SHIFT for sprint. Is anyone else currently using or has tried using spacebar or another keyboard key to shoot?
  9. I have a similar +vstr for crosshair visibility on shift/sprint. I use white as my main crosshair color as well since it should have maximum illumination on all three color channels (255,255,255). The human eye is most sensitive to green light (0,255,0) so I tend to use it for the highlight color and sometimes cyan (0,255,255) or yellow (255,255,0) depending on the map. Also, you don't need the "set vstr shootoff" or "set vstr shooton" commands at the end of shooton and shoot off when using the +vstr command. bind SHIFT "+vstr shifton shiftoff" seta shifton "+sprint;cg_
  10. Real cake? 


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