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Hello and welcome to digging out inactive topics. What better time to engage yourself in game-oriented activity than during a coronavirus lockdown? With that in mind, I bring to you all, the review of Total War: Three Kingdoms. ( I dedicate this one to Smultron, because I know how much he's going to cringe when he looks at another China-related post from me.)


Name of the Game: Total War: Three Kingdoms.

Type of game: (FPS, Action, Adventure, MMO, MMORPG, etc.) A one-of-a-kind mix of real time strategy and turn-based strategy.

Cost: (Average) So on Steam it says 59.99 USD, but I got my copy in a limited edition for 25$.

Available Platforms (i.e. Xbox, PS, PC etc.) PC

Ease of Installation (Was it easy? Straightforward? Do they offer it in native language?) Beautiful box, came with 4 discs only to get me so disappointed and add the game to Steam so I can download it from there. But hey, the box is so cool ^^.


Short summary of the game: (Basically could pull off the game site.)

A summary of a Total War game... oh boy. So all Total War games in the franchise share a unique system of mixing real-time tactical control of the battle with turn-based  managing your country, empire, whatever the setting is. There are mostly historical titles, but the newer ones tend to be more "open-minded", with Warhammer Fantasy making its 3rd installement in the works.

And for the Three Kingdoms itself - taken from the site "Set in the Three Kingdoms period (220–280), players control one of the game's twelve factions, who must eliminate other factions, unify China and become its ultimate ruler." If anyone here is a fan of strategy games, then one must play any Total War game, and Three Kingdoms is the best in my humble opinion. It is also a game, where my favourite book, and now game character appears. His name is of course Xiahou Dun :D



  • Tactical gameplay which Total War franchise is all about,
  • Sucks you up like a vacuum for hours,
  • Graphics are a thing of art, really beautiful landscapes, etc
  • You can learn history while playing it,
  • A setting that is debated to be even true makes it interesting and mysterious
  • Interesting stories to be read and learnt throughout gameplay,
  • Thrilling multiplayer co-op or head-to-head games,
  • If you read the book, you will find yourself right at home
  • You can link the game to your PC time clock to replicate the time of day directly in-game. For example, playing the game at 2:00 AM will result in the game being played at night,
  • Absolutely amazing audio, especially the soundtrack.



  • It can be difficult to start playing it at first
  • Odd crashes here and there
  • Sucks you up like a vacuum for hours :D
  • Might not appeal to people who's after 100% historical accuracy
  • If you're used to playing only shooters, the slow pace of managing your empire will NOT appeal to you probably either


Out of 10 points what would you give it?

For me, a dumb history and strategy freak, the Total War franchise is simply the best. It's relaxing, while also exercising my brain and planning ability, which doesnt sound like a relaxing thing to do, but it surprisingly is. And since im half-chinese, I can't help but be proud, but somewhat feeling weird, that the Eastern company stayed more true to my history than any native Chinese game ever before. I will give it a strong 8, bordering 9.


I am adding a few pictures game related, first of which is my in-game screenshot with the HUD turned off, showcasing the beautiful landscape. Thanks for reading, excuse my poor English and enjoy ^^




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After checking out some gameplay I think I would enjoy something like this, now I wonder what GFX card requirements it has . What’s ur take on the story , an I getting myself into another GodofWar gane? O.o

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