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ET Movie Suggestions


ET Movie Suggestions  

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  1. 1. Perfect ET Movie Length?

    • 1 min
    • 2 mins
    • 3 - 5 mins
    • 5 - 10 mins
    • 10+ mins

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As I render clips for my latest installment of ET nonsense:


Some questions come to mind:


ET Movie length?! What makes for the most watchable films?

I, personally, say shorter clips and 5 mins is probably long enough. 


I will happily make multiple clips. 

I think 1 song is more than the perfect length sooo...


What kind of music?


What maps do you NEED to see? What jumps do you want to see in game?


Any thoughts at all?


=F|A=Achilles ❤️❤️❤️ 

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I think if you can keep it to 1 song length than thats a good option tbh, most will get bored of overly long "movies" and end them before their time sort of thing, i know i certainly do.


I was going to make a movie myself a good 10 years ago but never really got round to it due to illness and surgery. i had a really cool happy hardcore tune which had a little remix bit from Men In Blacks beginning where the sheriff asks Tommy lee "who are you?, really?" and Tommy lee replies (in the remix) "really? i am just, i am just, i am just a figment of your imagination". would have fit nicely into an ET movie for a co ops part but lost the tune and for the life of me cant find it again. :(


I was also contemplating a movie with Robert miles Fable (message version) but the music is just over 7 min so maybe the normal none message version would be better....i like the message version though as it has a great build up at the start.




I like the max chapter movies as they are done really well..... although i do think they can be quite long so again 1 song worth of clips OR 5 min MAX imho.

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