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Supply (Winter Edition)

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> Winter Edition

* Winter Theme, but only in exteriors and using default materials as much as possible (To compare with Supply Depot 3).

* Moved the Crane Controls like in Supply Depot 3, to avoid putting solid invisible stuff everywhere and prevent the satchel exploit.

* Various script fixes incorporated: Spawn/Gold bugs, annoying alarm/radios muted, SK protections, Grenade/Mortar stairwell glitch, ...

* Several options incorporated, but disabled by default; Admins can easily enable them by commenting/uncommenting certain lines!

- Truck may stop earlier on one/both Gates.

- Ammo Cabinet @ Farm Spawn (Model, Command Map icon, Hint).

- Radio musics can be enabled, the audio files and entities are included.

- Allied CP Health & Ammo cabinets; To Compare with SD3, there's no "broken model":

they appear when CP is built, so nasty people can stay there to stop Allies...

When you start to build CP, models will appear as underconstruction to prevent people to die...