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    The River 2 Final 2.2

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    About This File





    //-------------- README for TheRiver II final release ----------







    A - General info, credits, acknowledgements

    B - Installing and playing the map, known bugs

    C - Recommended Settings (Admins read this)

    D - Thanks

    E - Copyright

    F - Story and map features (text for advertising the map)

    G - testing history





    A - General info, credits, acknowledgements



    >>> Contents of the zipfile


    In this zipfile you find

    - the readme

    - the map (mp_theriver_2nd.pk3 >> put it into etmain-folder)

    - the shader for the commandmap icons

    (mp_theriver_2nd_etprocmshader.pk3 >> put it into ETPRO-folder)

    - a list with the spawnpoints u can use for your spawnscript


    >>> About the map


    Map: The River II

    pk3: mp_theriver_2nd.pk3

    mapped by ]UBC[ McNite (McNite@ubcclan.com)

    first day of mapping: July 6th 2004

    day of release: Nov 21st 2004


    >>> original map for RtCW


    pk3: mp_TheRiver.pk3

    mapped by TanyaCheex

    All credits for gamelayout and objectives of the 2nd stage to go TC!

    Tanya if you ever read this, you made the best custom map for RtCW ever!


    >>> credits for models


    truck Opel Blitz models by Detoeni (www.planetwolfenstein.com/detoeni/)


    >>> credits for command map


    command map by Schaffer


    >>> credits for graphics:


    - poster "Schlachtschiffe im Atlantik" taken from cover of

    Kriegsbücherei der deutschen Jugend, Heft 102

    - unicorn-emblem is after emblem of U1195 (www.uboat.net)





    B - playing the map, known issues and bugs




    >>> To play the map on a server


    1.) put the mp_theriver_2nd.pk3 into your etmain folder

    2.) put the mp_theriver_2nd_etprocmshader.pk3 into your ETPRO folder

    3.) run ET

    4.) join the server

    5.) have FUN!


    >>> To play the map alone


    1.) put the pk3 into your etmain folder

    2.) run ET

    3.) go to HOST GAME

    4.) set it to STOPWATCH

    5.) choose "The River II" from the list of the maps

    6.) start and have a look around

    In case you can't see the map you might be having too many .pk3-files

    in your etmain-folder and need to delete some.


    >>> Known Bugs & issues


    - lift won't move when a body is sinking through its platform

    - tram: occasionally a player might get crushed, but its very rare

    - villa: not so good as a building, but hey, its not very important for gameplay

    - from certain spots on villa roof looking to allies first spawn parts of the map disappear

    - FPS: might drop to 35 in some places where you can see almost all of the terrain

    Bugs: there shouldn't be too many left. So if you find any, plz report them to

    McNite@ubcclan.com or post them in this thread:






    C - recommended settings




    >>> gametypes available


    Stopwatch, Campaign, Objective (no LMS)


    >>> playerloads


    This map is playable for 3on3, 6on6 and medium playerloads on publics.

    The original proved to be HUGE fun with 18 players.

    Tests have been successful with 24 players (no suffering in FPS noticeable).

    Maximum playerload is 40 (20 spawnboxes per team and spawn).

    Be aware that with lots of players the FPS might suffer because its a huge open map.


    >>> spawntime


    Standard settings are: Allies 15 secs, Axis 20 secs which is slightly offense-bias.

    This is a fast map (where u can die fast too) so especially for publics short spawntimes

    are preferable.

    These spawntimes have been tested for wars too (thx fr34k). They require good timing on

    offense but are well playable. Very long spawntimes enable a team to set up

    defense/crossfire too easily.


    >>> map playtime


    This is a very fast map. 15 Minutes is the original playtime of the RtCW map and

    proved to be still the right time when we playtested the map.

    A good team (or a lucky one) can win the map in less than 3 Minutes.


    >>> restrictions on player classes & promotions


    I strongly recommend rtcw.no settings or even more restrictive ones for

    - Field Ops: because too much Artillery can block Allies in the castle too easily

    - Medics: full revive should be at 140XP because it makes defending at the documents too easy

    - Soldier: should not be able to get 2 stars, the first star shouldn't be too easy to reach


    >>> restrictions on weapons


    Heavy Weapons: too many MG in the open areas and Panzerfaust in the castle can nip

    Allied offense in the bud. I recommend max. 2 Panzerfausts/MGs with restrictions on the promotions.

    Rifle Grenade: This is a very open map, and as rifle grenades are a weapon you can't really defend

    against it might be a good idea to limit them (max 1-2 per team).

    I wouldn't disable them though cuz engs need something to defend with against medic-whores ;-)





    D - THANKS



    ]UBC[ Enyo<>Phaz, ]UBC[bigCockapottamus and ]UBC[ TicTac who gave me my first

    trashings on TheRiver on 4Netplayers... those were great games.

    All the other ]UBC[s and players that played along with me and made me have a

    lot of good times on TheRiver on RtCW and on ET.


    >>> Help with mapping and scripting the whole mess:


    michi.be, Ron007, asw for running www.leveldesigner.de and doing that whole lot of fantastic tutorials (keep up the great work!!!)

    the SD crew for running the SD mapping forum

    all the helpful ppl that answered my posts on www.splashdamage.com and www.leveldesigner.de

    DemonEye, asw, Gringo Starr for looking at my map or helping me with problems

    Schaffer for the command map and help with command map icons


    >>> discussion & feedback about gameplay


    ]UBC[ Aber (thx, ur suggestions made it a lot better)

    fr34k, JEDI*anakin, *bio* Sphere


    >>> design supervisor


    ]UBC[ $taTiK


    >>> hosting and testing the map


    M8D Nephelim, M8D DrStock @ www.M8D.org

    {TibeT} SPudGun, {TibeT} Rock @ www.thetibetclan.com/index.html

    .AT* 13THKnight @ http://www.alliedteam.de/


    the clans (in no particular order)

    ]UBC[, M8D, lpk, NOOS, CoS, .AT*, {TibeT}


    and all the players who participated in one or more of the numerous playtests


    keep up the game, you guys are THE GAME








    Copyright © 2004 Matthias "McNite" Neiss all rights reserved


    This level may be electronically distributed only at

    NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state. It must

    include this .txt file.

    NOBODY is allowed to

    a) decompile this map

    B) modify this map in ANY way

    c) distribute this map on CD-ROM or any other media without prior written permission

    d) use any custom textures/ sounds/ brushwork of this map without prior written permission.

    By safing this map on your harddisk/webspace/whatever-storage-from you accept these conditions.


    contact: McNite@web.de







    F - Story and map features (text for advertising the map)



    Castle Silbereck, built in 1547, protected the local silver mine.

    Abandoned in the 18th century, renovated by an eccentric Austrian

    aristocrat in 1852 adding a tram but no bridge in order to better

    enjoy his insanity in solitude...

    Now Axis forces occupy the castle and have reactivated the old mine,

    using it as a bunker complex to hoard treasure looted from

    occupied Europe...

    The Allies in an attempt to learn the secrets of the castle, launch

    a daring raid to steal the treasure manifest, turning Castle

    Silbereck into a place of furious battle..."


    Map Features:


    Fast and adrenalin-packed 2-stage map with a long document-run.


    Challenging fighting in various environments:

    Close quarter combat in tunnels, caves, stairs and a castle/bunker setting

    as well as mid- and long-range fighting in open terrain.


    Several access routes to the primary objectives offer tactical variation.

    Game-layout is offense bias and offers both fast wins in less than 3 mins and

    successful defense.


    first stage:

    Allies have to get a forward spawn by repairing a broken engine control panel (Axis defends)


    second stage:

    Allies need to steal the treasure manifest (documents) and take them to the waiting

    escape truck (Axis better prevents this)

    The documents can be stolen by Allies without getting the forward spawn.


    secondary objectives:

    Capturable Flag as forward spawn for Allies (recapturable)

    Destructible Objectives (Allies): a wall for easy access/escape and

    bridge controls which will lower the bridge for access/escape

    Neutral Command Post








    >>> testing history

    release of 6th play test - testversion 9: Nov 7th 2004 - M8D & TibeT testing

    release of 5th play test - testversion 8: Oct 6th 2004 - M8D & Allied Team & TibeT testing

    release of 4th play test - testversion 7: Sept 19th 2004 - M8D testing

    release of 3rd play test - testversion 6: Sept 10th 2004 - Allied Team testing

    release of 2nd play test - testversion 5: Sept 4th 2004

    release of 1st play test - testversion 4: August 16th 2004

    release of single person test 2: August 13th 2004

    release of single person test 1: August 8th 2004



    >>> final version


    - removed the 2nd ladder at bridge

    - mines disabled on most of the terrain

    - small tunnel above Axis first spawn closes when Axis falls back

    - changes on the roof above Allied Castle Flag: whole wing accessible; this will

    encourage the use of snipers and require good teamplay, the area is not large

    enough to enable axis camping and dominating the map from up there (this is a result

    of fr34ks 5on5 testing under comp gaming settings)


    >>> public testversion 9


    - a 2nd ladder at the bridge leading up to the bridge controls (tryout)

    - changes on the shed below allied flag in castle for more cover for allies

    - mines disabled again


    >>> public testversion 8


    - destroyed the stonebridge (axis needs at least 17 secs to engine now -

    and no trickjump possible)

    - moved allied first spawn towards villa (allies need 17-19 secs to engine now)

    - changed the lower access to the engine room into a hidden cave with large break

    in the wall, both walls to be destroyed with fewer nades

    - allowed mines all over the grass (for testing of its effect on gameplay)


    >>> public testversion 7


    - decreased the health of the 2 doors leading to the room of the tram engine

    - changed axis spawn to add about 2-3 secs of additional way to the docs room

    - widened the gap that s left after parts of the stonebrigde are destroyed

    - water of The River is now opaque


    >>> public testversion 6


    - closed the tunnel that leads straight into the engine-room with destructable doors

    for better defense situation at start of the map

    - added a neutral command post in the radio room above allied flag in castle

    - moved the ammo cabinet in the castle yard to the ground next to the truck

    for better reachability


    >>> public testversion 5


    - the stone bridge from tram station to escape truck got arches for additional cover

    but is still destructable

    - set up a hut at first axis spawn for cover

    - 2 mineable areas in the terrain (dark green patches)

    - general simplification of the buildings to make the gameplay more fluent


    >>> public testversion 4


    - changes at the back part of the castle yard (ppl will die when they jump off

    the narrow passages that lead from axis spawn to lift and from axis spawn

    to room at river stairs; this leaves fewer ways in and especially out)


    >>> public testversion 2


    in general:

    - added trees in the open terrain for cover

    castle east wing:

    - east wing tower is slippery, not usable by players (one wrong step and you end up

    as grease several floors down)

    - it takes defenders 20 secs to reach the east wing roof from spawn

    castle west wing:

    - roof is not slippery but can only be reached with the help of a teammate

    terrain at east rope bridge:

    - added a shed (partly destroyable) for cover

    - added several trees for blocking of view

    What's New in Version Final 2.2


    • //--------------------------------------------------------------
    • //-------------- FIXED -----------------------------------------
    • //--------------------------------------------------------------
    • Fixed 2 bugs we didn't find while testplaying:
    • The Docs can be taken now without jumping on the table.
    • You don't get stuck badly at the road anymore.
    • I m deeply sorry for this.
    • McNite

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