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nq-addon-pack 1.0

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About This File

This Skinpack works with NQ 1.2.3 and above.

Put the pk3 in the NQ folder of your server.


To prevent problems, remove all other skinpacks

from your server before using this one.








- New Playerskins for Axis and Allies:

- Axis are dressed in black uniforms

- Allies are dressed in green/brown uniforms

- Both Teams have now young Faces


- Class specific Level-9 hats:

- Axis:

- Soldier : Helmet with Gasmask / before: Armored Helmet

- Medic : Helmet with Red Cross / before: Fieldcap

- Engineer : Armored Helmet / before: Normal Helmet

- Field Ops : Oficercap with Headset / before: Officercap

- Covert Ops: Helmet with Camouflage / before: Cap


- Allies:

- Soldier : Helmet with Camouflage / before: Helmet with Net

- Medic : Red Cross Helmet with Net / before: Red Cross Helmet

- Engineer : Helmet with Spade Sign / before: Helmet with Net

- Field Ops : Officercap / before: Helmet

- Covert Ops: Barret / before: Cap


- Helmet Armor is invisible

- Removed Backpack for Allied Covert Ops

- A few new Spree Sounds with a very sexy female voice

- New Win Sounds for Axis and Allies

- New Skill Up Sound

- New Pliers for Axis and Allies

- Teamspecific Command Posts with new Signs

- New Constructible Pennants

- New Mine Markers

- New Trunk for the Temperated Trees

- New Respawn Flags

- New Axis Flag (used in Railgun and custom maps)

- Mortar Shell with Flame Trail

- Ammo Boxes without Ammo Sign

- New Axis-Win Flag

- Green Allied Grenade

- Dark-Gray Glove in First-Person

- Stained Texture if you're using a Binocular or Sniper Scope

- Removal of the MLB-Stuff in the MLB-Maps

- Better Terrain Textures for Radar Summer (all Versions)

- Removed the red/blue-scheme of the Syringes

- Better Texture for the Heavy Door