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  1. [UJE] Christmas Tank 2 - UJE_christmas_tank_2010.pk3

    The Allies are rolling into Christmas land and must escort a tank to the Axis Presents building and destroy all of the Axis presents. The Axis must stop the, to keep the Allied advance out of Christmas land.
    Allied Objectives
    Primary objectives:
    1. Escort the Tank to the House.
    2. Protect the Tank and escort it to the Axis Presents Building.
    3. Break into the Presents Building.
    4. Destroy the presents.
    Secondary objectives:
    1. Establish a Command Post inside the House
    2. Prevent the Axis from fortifying their position with a Command Post
    Axis Objectives
    Primary Objectives:
    1. Stop the Allies from reaching the House.
    2. Disable the Allied Tank to prevent it reaching the Presents Building.
    3. Prevent the Allies from breaking into the Presents Building.
    4. Stop the Allies from destroying our presents.
    Secondary Objectives:
    1. Prevent the Allies from establishing a Command Post inside the House.
    2. Set up a Command Post across from the Presents Building.
    Special stuff
    * 2 moving trucks
    * 1 funny car that flies to objective
    * A carnaval train
    * some christmas sounds
    * a giant carnaval wheel
    * a Carousel



  2. Helicopter Assault Mission 3

    Waypoint for Helicopter Assault M3



  3. Helicopter Assault Mission 3 - heli_m3_b3_fixed.pk3

    Title: FalX Document Base
    Filename: heli_m3_b3.pk3
    Version: beta 3
    Release date: 26/08/2012
    Decription: Helicopter Assault M3 is the third and last campaign mission. Allies succesfully secured the gold and they try to find a way to escape. A solution for them is to cross the escape tunnel but Axis will reserve for them other plans. Atention, Axis prepared for them a trap!
    Players: Map designed for 5-20 players
    Escort the truck!
    Capture the forward bunker!
    Destroy the entrances!
    Construct the command post!
    Construct the gate control!
    Secure the gold into the helicopter!
    Defend the flag!
    Defend the entrances!
    Construct the command post!
    Don't let them secure the gold into the helicopter!



  4. Penemuende - penemuende_b1.pk3

    Allies Objectives
    Primary Objectives:
    - Dynamite the Main Bunker Gate
    - Steal the secret enigma and bring it to the escape truck
    - Destroy the 88 mm Flak Gun
    Secondary Objectives
    - Destroy the Depot Defenses to get into the base
    - Build a Command Post and stop Axis from constructing it
    Axis Objectives
    Primary Objectives:
    - Defend the Bunker Main Gate
    - Protect the secret Enigma
    - Don't let the allies destroy the 88 mm Flak Gun
    Secondary Objectives:
    - Build and defend the Depot Defenses
    - Defend the Bunker Side Entrance
    - Build a Command Post and prevent Allies from constructing it



  5. Operation Resurrection - resurrection_final.pk3

    Allies Objectives
    Primary objectives:
    - Breach the Main Gate and Waterway door
    - Breach the catacomb door
    - Capture the forward room
    - Steal the Book of the Resurrection
    - Get to the raft and escape with the book
    Secondary objectives:
    - Establish a Command Post located in the Mansion
    - Prevent Axis from fortifying their position
    Axis Objectives
    Primary objectives
    - Defend the Main Gate and Waterway door
    - Prevent Allies from breaching the catacomb entrance
    - Prevent Allies from stealing the Book of the Resurrection
    - Stop the Allies before they escape with the book via raft
    Secondary objectives:
    - Prevent the Allies from establishing a Command Post inside the Mansion
    - Set up a Command Post in the Mansion



  6. Normandy Breakout - breakout_et_b2.pk3

    The Allies are pushing the Battle for Western Europe inland. American infantry forces must disable the remaining German 88 Artillery gun before Armored Divisions can proceed into St. Lo.
    Allies Objectives
    - Control the town and destroy your primary objective
    - Destroy the 88 mm gun
    - Defend the Allied Field HQ
    - Protect the Back Wall
    - Breach the Sewer Gate
    - Build the CP in the Hotel De Ville
    Axis Objectives
    - Control the town and destroy your primary objective
    - Defend the 88 mm gun
    - Breach the Back Wall
    - Protect the Sewer Gate
    - Build the CP in the Hotel De Ville



  7. Alleys - alleys.pk3

    Game : Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
    Title : Alleys
    Filename : alleys.pk3
    Release date : 2004-06-15
    Decription : A small town is the scenery for this battle, the team that takes control over the city will find itself in glory. Five territories must be held to secure the town.
    Program : SD Radiant 1.3.8
    Build time : 3 days, a total of 21 hours mapping time.
    Compile time : 8 mins
    Compile machine : AMD Athlon 2200, 512mb
    Installation : Place the alleys.pk3 to your etmain folder, select it from the multiplayer->create server menu or
    bring down the console and type: map alleys.
    New Textures : 2
    New Sounds : Nope
    New Models : Nope



  8. ubersoldat.pk3

    Mod Information:
    Game........: Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
    Title.......: Ubersoldat (Super Soldier)
    Status......: Final
    Release Date: 4. July 2010
    Converted by: Flubber & Nick O'Tin
    Replaces the axis soldier with an super soldier from RtCW.
    Only the model and textures are changed, the behaviour is still the same as without this small modification.
    Put the pk3 into the mod folder of your server.



  9. nq-addon-pack

    This Skinpack works with NQ 1.2.3 and above.
    Put the pk3 in the NQ folder of your server.
    To prevent problems, remove all other skinpacks
    from your server before using this one.
    - New Playerskins for Axis and Allies:
    - Axis are dressed in black uniforms
    - Allies are dressed in green/brown uniforms
    - Both Teams have now young Faces
    - Class specific Level-9 hats:
    - Axis:
    - Soldier : Helmet with Gasmask / before: Armored Helmet
    - Medic : Helmet with Red Cross / before: Fieldcap
    - Engineer : Armored Helmet / before: Normal Helmet
    - Field Ops : Oficercap with Headset / before: Officercap
    - Covert Ops: Helmet with Camouflage / before: Cap
    - Allies:
    - Soldier : Helmet with Camouflage / before: Helmet with Net
    - Medic : Red Cross Helmet with Net / before: Red Cross Helmet
    - Engineer : Helmet with Spade Sign / before: Helmet with Net
    - Field Ops : Officercap / before: Helmet
    - Covert Ops: Barret / before: Cap
    - Helmet Armor is invisible
    - Removed Backpack for Allied Covert Ops
    - A few new Spree Sounds with a very sexy female voice
    - New Win Sounds for Axis and Allies
    - New Skill Up Sound
    - New Pliers for Axis and Allies
    - Teamspecific Command Posts with new Signs
    - New Constructible Pennants
    - New Mine Markers
    - New Trunk for the Temperated Trees
    - New Respawn Flags
    - New Axis Flag (used in Railgun and custom maps)
    - Mortar Shell with Flame Trail
    - Ammo Boxes without Ammo Sign
    - New Axis-Win Flag
    - Green Allied Grenade
    - Dark-Gray Glove in First-Person
    - Stained Texture if you're using a Binocular or Sniper Scope
    - Removal of the MLB-Stuff in the MLB-Maps
    - Better Terrain Textures for Radar Summer (all Versions)
    - Removed the red/blue-scheme of the Syringes
    - Better Texture for the Heavy Door



  10. Operation Storehouse Final - storehouse.pk3

    1944: The west front between the allied armed forces and the German Wehrmacht has come to a dead stop.
    During a cross-fire, the Allies capture a supply truck. On the front seat: a map showing a huge secret storehouse...
    Axis Objective Descriptions
    1 Primary Objective: Keep the Allies from constructing their own transmitter.
    2 Primary Objective: Do not let the secret freight document fall into the hands of the enemy!
    3 Secondary Objective: Defend the main entrance! The Allies will try to use the tank against you, so stop the tank before they can reach the gate!
    4 Secondary Objective: Prevent the Allies from blowing up the side entrance of the storehouse. Once inside they will gain a tactical advantage!
    5 Secondary Objective: Construct the command post and defend it!
    6 Secondary Objective: Defend the lower bunker door! Once destroyed it will give the Allies a tactical advantage over you.
    7 Secondary Objective: Defend the flag with your lives!
    8 Secondary Objective: The generator opens and closes the bunker doors and windows, and operates the elevator. Defend it!
    Allied Objective Descriptions
    1 Primary Objective: Steal the secret freight document and take it to the transmitter.
    2 Primary Objective: Construct your own transmitter to broadcast the stolen document.
    3 Secondary Objective: Construct the command post and defend it!
    4 Secondary Objective: Blow up the side entrance of the storehouse. Once inside you will have a tactical advantage!
    5 Secondary Objective: Use the tank to destroy the main entrance!
    6 Secondary Objective: Destroy the lower bunker door! Once destroyed it will give you a tactical advantage.
    7 Secondary Objective: Capture the flag and defend it!
    8 Secondary Objective: The generator opens and closes the bunker doors and windows, and operates the elevator. Repair



  11. Bergen

    "The Unterseebootwaffe of the 11th flotilla is harassing Allied shipping in the North Sea. As Operation Arrow descends on the Bergen area of Norway the Axis must protect the base from Allied attempts at sabotage."
    Allied Objectives:
    1. Protect the Armour and escort it until the Front gate is destroyed.
    2. Gain a foothold in the Front Bunker.
    3. Construct bridge and distroy Back Door.
    4. Gain control of the Generator and repair so the base's doors can be used.
    5. Set up a Command Post inside the sub pen.
    6. Access the Transmitter area by opening doors.
    7. Destroy the Transmitter by placing explosives in Bunker below tower.
    Allied Constructions:
    A. MG nest over-looking the Axis Bunker and Back Door
    B. Repair Door control, if the Generator is running then this door can be opened.
    Axis Objective:
    1. Disable or obstruct the Allied Armour to prevent it destroying the Front gate.
    2. Prevent the Allies from gaining a foothold in the Front Bunker.
    3. Stop Allies building the bridge and defend the Back Door.
    4. Prevent the Allies from using the Generator.
    5. Set up a Command Post inside the sub pen.
    6. Prevent the Allies from accessing the Transmitter area.
    7. Stop the Allies from destroying the Transmitter.
    Axis Constructions:
    A. Build the Barricade to stop the Allied Armour.
    B. MG nest facing Front Bunker.
    The Generator is the key to this map. The team that controls the Generator, controls the doors.
    The doors are the only way into the Transmitter area.
    Each door and the pump in the Generator room have a pressure metter, if the arrow points to red then the Generator has been distroyed and the door can not be used, green indicates that the Generator is working and the doors can be used.
    Disguised Covert Op's can use the back door but not the team door at the Axis second spawn.



  12. ammo_bunker_b1.pk3

    The axis forces are retreiving in hurry from north africa
    and are gathering the ammo storaged in a bunker.
    The allied forces are about to destroy this low guarded axis
    ammunition bunker.
    1. Destroy / protect the Axis north bunker door
    2. Destroy / protect the Axis southbunker door
    3. Destroy / protect the Axis ammo storage
    4. Build command post



  13. Prisoner of War

    // Allied Objective Descriptions
    - Serach for the Mircofilm and take it back
    - Construct the Wood Bridge
    - Construct the Steelbrigde
    - Construct the comandpost at the Tunnelbunker
    - Destroy the Main Entrance
    - Destroy the Camp Entrances ( there are 4)
    - Destroy the secreat Entrance
    - Capture the Spawn Flag of the Tunnelbunker
    - Escape with the Mircoflim to the broken Gun
    // Axis Objective Descriptions
    - Stop the Allies from seaching for the Microfilm
    - Stop the Allies from escaping with the microfilm to the broken gun
    - Prevent the Allies from constructing the Steel-Brigde
    - Prevent the Allies from constructing the Wood-Brigde
    - Defend the Main Entrance
    - Defend the camp Entrances ( 4 times)
    - Defend the secret Entraance
    - Capture the Spawn Flag at the Tunnelbunker
    - Stop the Allies from constructing a Command Post at the Tunnelbunker
    - Construct the watchtowers and repair the broken street at the mine-field
    - Prevent the Allies from establishing a Wood Bridge



  14. et_carentan_b2.pk3

    - Attacking team: US Easy Company
    Objective: Stealing top secret documents which could gravily endanger the planned liberation of Europe from the German terror.
    - Defending team: Germany
    Objective: the Germans are in the middle of transmitting the secret intel and must prevent the documents from getting stolen.



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