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Omni-Bot 0.81 - Windows

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About This File

Mod name : Omni-Bot 0.81

Download name : Omni-bot_0.81_ET_Windows.zip


Omni-Bot 0.81 for Windows.




Extract the omni-bot 0.81 zip anywhere on your hard drive.


* The omnibot folder contains the omnibot mod for waypointing purposes.

o Waypointers should move the omnibot folder to the ET directory.

o Waypointers can optionally download the Menu System from the download section.

o Waypointers can optionally download Notepad++ from the download section.

* The omni-bot folder contains the bot library, waypoints, and scripts necessary to run omnibot.





In order for the omnibot library to load, the cvar 'omnibot_path' should be set to the exact path that the omni-bot folder was extracted to.


* Users running a listen server can set the path in the etconfig.cfg located in ~/Enemy Territory/<modname>/profiles/<user name>.

* Dedicated servers should have the path set in a server config typically located in the mod folder or etmain.



seta omnibot_path “/full/path/to/omni-bot”



In addition, if running any mods other than the omnibot mod, the cvar 'omnibot_enable' must be set to 1 in order for the omnibot library to be loaded.



seta omnibot_enable “1”



Mod Versions


Omnibot 0.8 is compatible with NoQuarter version 1.2.9 / 1.3.0 and ETPub version 0.9.1.

What's New in Version


  • BOT
  • * Fixed kickbot crash in older Windows versions
  • * Fixed pathfinder crash
  • * Fixed region trigger related crashes
  • * Fixed SetAvailableMapGoals
  • * Fixed SetGoalPriority
  • * Fixed SetGoalGroup
  • * Fixed goals being interrupted by other goal types with same priority as current goal
  • * Fixed script goals being activated too early when bots spawned
  • * Fixed InWater flag not being auto added to waypoints
  • * Fixed issues with GetNearest related to entities that shared a classname with weapons
  • * Fixed GetRandomDestination to only return reachable points
  • * Fixed ScriptGoal event threads not being killed on bot exit
  • * Added bots will press jump when headed towards waypoints with the InWater flag
  • * Added goal loading time output
  • * Added SetIgnoreEntFlags weapon property
  • * Added rendering of RegionTrigger names
  • * Improved ladder navigation
  • * Updated boost libraries to version 1_44_0
  • MODS
  • * Fixed goal names to not include color strings
  • * Added support for NoQuarter WP_JOHNSON (thx Irata)
  • * Added conversion of panzerfaust request to bazooka for allied bots in NoQuarter
  • * Moved MountMg42 goal to script and added support for user defined facings
  • * Moved MobileMG42 goal to script
  • * Fixed version number in mapgoal_capturehold
  • * Fixed random aim mode for mount goal
  • * Fixed goal_paththrough_artillery to abort if no line of sight to an arty target
  • * Fixed gotowp support in goal_paththrough_navigation
  • * Fixed goal_combatmovement to ensure that GetTargetInfo returns valid data
  • * Fixed velocity check in goal_indisguise
  • * Fixed mapgoal_explosive to not create on load
  • * Fixed manually added health and ammo cabinet goals to create on load
  • * Fixed region trigger name in mapgoal_plantmine
  • * Fixed plant goal coverspot occupied flag not being cleared on bot death
  • * Fixed bots to not use rifle nades when they have a plant goal active
  • * Fixed revive goal sometimes never enabled (thx 0x0000 and Demetrius)
  • * Fixed InProgress limitations for FLAG_ goals
  • * Fixed issues with askforammo and askforhealth goals
  • * Fixed potential issues with ammo and health cabinet goals
  • * Added paththrough function to goal_build for custom behavior scripting (thx palota)
  • * Added bots planting dynamite will abort if a teammate drops a satchel (thx palota)
  • * Added mapgoal_dynamite for use when target has no usable OID
  • * Added cure poison with needle support to goal_deliversupplies
  • * Added caching of trace results in goal_paththrough_artillery
  • * Added ability to force routing to build goals with offsets defined
  • * Added missing finish criteria in goal_covertops
  • * Added cover spot timeout to plant goal(s)
  • * Added jump stance property to build goal for build goals in water (thx palota)
  • * Changed stuckage check goal to write separate logs for each map
  • * Changed paththrough_useswitch goal so that the wait function overrides any exit conditions
  • * Changed plant goal coverspot selection to be random rather than sequential (thx palota)
  • * Improved goal_escort to allow escorting bots to assist in building of vehicle (thx palota)
  • * Improved bots ability to mount mg42's
  • * Improved plant goal aim location (thx palota)
  • * Increased priority of deliver supplies goal and limited distance to 1500 units
  • * Lowered default priority of repairMG42 goal
  • * Fixed MapGoal.GetPriority
  • * Fixed role manager to auto increment class manager minclass counts when crucialClass is set
  • * Fixed role manager crucialClass
  • * Added Util.BotChat function
  • * Added Util.CatName function
  • * Added Util.SetCustomProperty function
  • * Added ETUtil.WinningChat and ETUtil.LosingChat functions
  • * Added EvalFunc support to goal_paththrough_navigation
  • * Added spawn point and voice macro support to role manager
  • * Added optional viewDistance parameter to Util.ChangeToSniperWeapons
  • * Added re-usable region triggers for spotting and announcing enemies or all clear (thx d00d)
  • * Added waypoint GUID support to the warpto command (thx d00d)
  • * Moved class manager to script goal with several functional improvements (thx palota)
  • * Added optional filter param for debugtriggers
  • * Added fix_waterwps to add InWater flag to waypoints near water surface
  • * Added draw_paththrough 0|1 for rendering 3D text over paththrough waypoints
  • * Several fixes, updates, and new maps supported. See the Assembla repository logs for details.
  • * Updated DMS (thx MickyP)
  • * Updated Notepad++ for omnibot (thx d00d)