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ET-Double Pain Pack - z&z_DoublePPack.pk3

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About This File

Download pk3 name: z&z_DoublePPack

Skin name: z&z_DoublePPack.bsp





This is a fun Mod that comes complete with new sounds (such as screams and gasps, etc) and more blood! What more could you want? I think you'll enjoy this Mod! Enjoy.





---------- Mod Info ----------


This is a great mod if you like PAIN!!! hahaha...


This makes blood MUCH more realistic like my other mod, Blood Update mod and adds more blood to the game.

The funny and best part is:

Adds new sounds..

Gasp sound, grup sounds, body explode sound and Land hurt sound with screaming!!

for example, like the pic says, if you jump from a higher place, you can hear a crunch sound and the men screaming with PAIN!!

there is an error at the pic text, i'm sure you already found it =D

áh, it keeps the blood at the map all game too!!







------ Install/Unistall -------


To install this mod, just put the z&z_DoublePPack.pk3 file in your et/etmain folder.


Example1 = C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain

Example2 = D:\Games\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\etmain


Linux, move to: usr/games/wolfenstein... bah, forget. i don't know...


To unistall the mod, just remove the file.





------- How does it work ------


This mod and like ALL other mods only work in UNPURE servers.

If you whant to test it out, create your own lan server.

Bobots are great to test it out!!


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